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Cinetech Online Catalogue 2016
Festival programmers, sales agents, distributors, broadcasters and other purchasers have access to Cinetech, a state-of-the-art platform for the sales and acquisition of films and TV content. The first of its kind in the Middle East, the Cinetech features films showcased within the DIFF programme, Market recommended titles, as well as films from the DFM partners, sales agents and participating exhibition stands.

Cinetech is a platform to safely screen films and communicate with sales agents.

Since 2008, Cinetech has facilitated numerous sales and partnership deals by successfully connecting international and regional industry professionals with the films’ rights’ holders.

Cinetech simplifies the screening process, allowing delegates the opportunities to maximize their time at DFM. In 2015, the Cinetech housed 293 titles and during the course of the Festival recorded 2,135 screenings.

Festival programmers, sales agents, distributors, broadcasters and other purchasers will also have the added benefit of being able to access the line-up of films offered through the Cinetech private server at DIFF's 13th edition for an extended period of a month and a half. That access will be online through the DIFF website, which guarantees global accessibility. Filmmakers that have approved for the additional viewing time will be ensuring that industry professionals will have more time to view the titles on offer and secure distribution deals.

This opportunity will be available to all Market delegates that have access to the Cinetech during the Festival starting the 15th of December 2016 and till the 31st of January 2017.

Who Can Submit Their Films to Cinetech and What Sections are Offered?

Sales agents can opt to have their film included in Cinetech

Films in Cinetech include films from:

  • The official DIFF programme
  • The recommended titles from festival programmers
  • DFM regional and international partners
  • Regional and international sales agents
  • Companies that have exhibition stands in DFM
  • The previous works of directors competing for the IWC Filmmaker Award
  • The previous works of directors selected for the DFC.

Regional and international sales agents can include titles in Cinetech for a fee as listed below and subject to the rules and regulations of the DFM.

  • Feature fictions (minimum of 60 minutes) and documentaries (minimum of 52 minutes):
    First film for 150 US$; 100 US$ for every additional film
  • Short fictions (maximum of 59 minutes) and documentaries (maximum of 51 minutes):
    First film for 75 US$; 50 US$ for every additional film
  • Webisodes:
    One episode for 50 US$; 25 US$ for every additional webisode
  • TV series and shows:
    One episode for 75 US$; 50 US$ for every additional episode

Why You Should Include Your Film in Cinetech

  • Festival programmers, sales agents, distributors, broadcasters and other purchasers will have access to your film on Cinetech.
  • It provides excellent opportunities to connect with industry leaders and, key decision makers in the film and content industry of the MENA region and around the world. Last year over 3,000 delegates from 81 countries attended the DFM.
  • You can benefit from new initiatives that will help your film secure a distribution deal and screen to audiences in the region and on the world stage.
  • It helps to generate publicity for your film; last year over 1,500 media professionals attended the Festival.

Who has Access To View the Films Included in Cinetech?

The films are digitized onto the Cinetech server and will only be made available for closed and private screenings by industry delegates through Cinetech and its individual digital video stations during the Festival. Following the end of the Festival, the films will be available to authorized professionals for a month and a half through online streaming. Both digitization and online streaming processes are secure and no copy or duplication of the films can be made by third parties.

What Information and Materials are Available on Cinetech?

Filmmaker and right holders related information, and contact details as well as film related information and a high resolution final cut of the film will be made available on Cinetech.

For more details and if you would like to include your films in Cinetech please contact Dubai Film Market - General Information
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