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Heralded by Variety magazine as one of the world’s “50 unmissable film festivals“, DIFF has cemented its reputation as the ultimate destination to discover films from the Arab world and beyond. The archive gives you access to the films, juries, galleries, press releases and more from the first edition in 2004 through to the current edition.

Juries 2015

Muhr Emirati Jury

Kim Magnusson (President)

Producer Kim Magnusson founded M&M Productions with his father in 1995. He was then headhunted to run Nordisk Film’s Film Division as CEO from 2003 – 2009. From 1995 to 2015, he has produced or executive produced more than 110 films. He has been Oscar® nominated in the category “Live Action Short Film” five times, and won in 1999 for ELECTION NIGHT and in 2014 for HELIUM. Magnusson has been the chairman of the Danish Producers Association for nine years and is the chairman of the Danish Film Academy - a position he has held since 1999. He is a voting member of AMPAS® and the European Film Academy.

Abdul Sattar Naji

Abdul Sattar Naji is a film and theatre researcher and critic from Kuwait. The founder of the Arab Critics Award at the Cannes film festival and a member of numerous journalist associations including the International Federation of Cinema Critics and Arab Journalists Union, Naji has been on the jury at several international festivals including Cannes, Berlin, Moscow, Tokyo and Cairo. He has organised workshops at theatre festivals including the Kuwait Local Festival. Naji has published books and studies on theatre and film in Arabic, English and French. He is currently the editorial secretary of art, community and women’s divisions in the Kuwaiti journal “Al Nahar” and the managing editor at Lana Magazine.

Dr. Hessah Lootah

Hessah Lootah (born in Dubai) has an MA in media and development in 1995 followed by a Ph.D in Mass Communication from the University of Ohio. She began her career in 1983 as the first female director in the UAE working for Dubai TV, where she directed various shows including “The Talk of the People”. Lootah has founded a number of associations including Dubai Women’s Association and Friends of Environment. She has also co-founded the General Women’s Union and the Human Rights Association. She has won several awards for her accomplishments including the Federal Personality Award in 2013 and published several books, studies and articles.

Muhr Feature Jury

Deepa Mehta (President)

Deepa Mehta (born Amritsar, India) studied philosophy at the New Delhi University before immigrating to Canada. Her features include the festival hits SAM AND ME (1991), FIRE (1996), EARTH (1998), BOLLYWOOD/HOLLYWOOD (2002), THE REPUBLIC OF LOVE (2003), WATER (2005), HEAVEN ON EARTH (2008) and MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN (2012).
Mehta's BEEBA BOYS is in the Cinema of the World programme and is her fourth film at DIFF.

Khaled El Nabawy

Egyptian actor Khaled El Nabawy graduated with honours in acting from the Academy of Arts in Cairo. He burst onto the Egyptian cinema scene with THE EGYPTIAN CITIZEN (1991) and Youssef Chahine’s THE IMMIGRANT (1994) and THE DESTINY (1997). El Nabawy’s international work includes starring roles in KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (2005), FAIR GAME (2010) and THE CITIZEN (2012). El Nabawy has received numerous awards including Best Supporting Actor at Cairo International Film Festival in 1998, Best Actor at Johannesburg Film Festival in 1995 and Best Actor at Murex d’Or for BEIRUT OPEN CITY (2009). His first play in the USA is "Camp David" (2014).

Tom Zubrycki

Tom Zubrycki is an Australian documentary filmmaker, whose career has spanned over 40 years, during which he has directed 17 documentaries and produced 18 with early career directors. His films have won him awards both in Australia and overseas, including an Emmy for the film EXILE IN SARAJEVO. In 2010, he received the Stanley Hawes Award “in recognition of outstanding contribution to documentary filmmaking in Australia”. Zubrycki teaches master-classes in documentary at the Australian Film, TV and Radio School, and is an active member of the Australian Directors Guild.

Nujoom Alghanem

Nujoom Alghanem is an Emirati poet, scriptwriter and award-winning film director. She has produced more than 10 films including short fictions and documentaries, as well as six feature documentaries. Her last four documentaries have won several local, regional and international prizes. In addition to producing her own films, she currently works as a film, media and cultural consultant to educational and professional institutes and organisations in the UAE. Alghanem’s filmography includes: SOUNDS OF THE SEA (2015), NEARBY SKY (2014), THE YOUNG FIGHTER (2014), AMAL (2011) and HAMAMA (2011).

Maysoon Al Pachachi

Maysoon Al Pachachi has directed nine documentaries, including the prize-winning IRANIAN JOURNEY; BITTER WATER about a Palestinian camp in Beirut; RETURN TO THE LAND OF WONDERS that covered her return to Iraq in 2004; and OUR FEELINGS TOOK THE PICTURES about a remarkable Iraqi women’s photography project. She has taught film directing and editing in Jerusalem, Gaza and Ramallah. Al Pachachi co-founded a free-of-charge film-training centre in Baghdad. She is currently in pre-production on her first fiction feature, “Nothing Doing in Baghdad” (Kulshi Makoo), which won the IWC Gulf Filmmaker Award at DIFF 2012.

Muhr Short & Gulf Short Jury

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson (President)

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson (born 1954) started his film career in the 1980s with a series of experimental films and documentaries. His second feature CHILDREN OF NATURE (1991) was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film category. He is best known for the strong visual style of his films, which combine wry humour and genuine solidarity with the characters. They are both deeply personal and have a strong rooting in Icelandic culture. Fridriksson’s own identity, as a filmmaker is that of a storyteller within a tradition that dates back to the writers of the Icelandic sagas, more than a thousand years ago.

Ali F. Mostafa

Ali F. Mostafa’s (born 1981, UK), regional box office hit, CITY OF LIFE (2009), was the first Emirati film to open the Arabian Nights Gala at DIFF and won the Special Jury Prize at GFF (2010). His next film, FROM A TO B (2014) received international acclaim that led Studio Canal to pick it up for distribution. He is currently in post-production on his latest film, a post-apocalyptic action thriller called “The Worthy” (2016).

Hinde Boujemaa

Hinde Boujemaa is a Tunisian director. Her filmography includes IT WAS BETTER TOMORROW (Mostra Official Selection), which was her first documentary and was screened at several film festivals. It also won the Best Muhr Arab Documentary prize at DIFF 2012. In 2014, she directed a fiction short, …AND ROMEO MARRIED JULIET, which won the Best Muhr Arab Short at DIFF, Best Short Film at Verona, Best Short at Oran Film Festival and the Best Short Film in the Alexandria Mediterranean festival. Boujemaa is currently developing her feature fiction “A Part of Her”.
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