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Festival 2016


The DIFF is committed to helping people understand and enjoy film, using it as a medium to promote open dialogue between cultures and nations. DIFF actively works with universities and colleges to nurture and develop local and international talent, accelerating and fostering growth of the industry, while providing an invaluable benefit to the people of the United Arab Emirates.

Universities and Colleges

In order to encourage the involvement and assistance of the student community of the UAE, the DIFF welcomes media students to the festival to report on the festival news and events and acquiring hands-on experiences in the UAE film community.

DIFF is one of the best places for young people to experience the hustle, bustle and excitement associated with film journalism. Through reporting from DIFF, young media students have had first-hand experience of covering the red carpet, have come to know the necessity of meeting tight deadlines, have had the chance to conduct on-the-spot, last-minute interviews and have truly experienced a real-life learning curve.

The students also gain admittance to the industry panels running throughout DIFF, as part of the Dubai Film Forum – the annual opportunity for industry peers to debate and discuss the latest trends in film.

Qualified candidates will possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to organize and execute tasks in a fast-paced environment. Must be detail oriented, self-motivated, flexible, and be able to work in a team situation.

DIFF Young Journalist Award

Every year DIFF runs the annual Young Journalist Award (YJA) programme supported by Gulf News, which offers unprecedented access and mentorship for writers wishing to break into entertainment journalism.

Participants are selected from media colleges around the UAE based on the strength of their written portfolio. Once shortlisted, they will be thrown into the fast-paced world behind the scenes at the region’s premier film festival, conveying news of announcements, deals and celebrity appearances to a hungry public. They will work to tight deadlines as a team, overseen by experienced journalists from Gulf News and DIFF representatives.

The best report each day will be published in Gulf News’ tabloid! The winner of the programme will then be chosen during the festival, following which he or she will be offered an internship at tabloid!

For more information please contact Press or check Students FAQ.