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Dubai Film Connection

Rules & Regulations


Conditions of attending the DFC

The Dubai Film Connection (DFC) provides a platform for Arab filmmakers to promote their projects to potential financial partners.

Once the committee has made its decision, the selected filmmakers are contacted to confirm their participation and are asked to provide updated material for inclusion in the Dubai Film Market publication which is circulated to industry guests before the Festival.

Participation in the event entitles the project team to the following services and facilities:
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Extensive networking opportunities
  • Project promotion
  • Eligibility to win grants

In return all the selected project teams are required to:

  • Include the following line and DFC logo in the credit role, when their film is realized: "Presented at the Dubai Film Connection, DIFF 2017"
  • Logo will be provided electronically

Terms & Conditions for Award Winners:

  • Winners of the DIFF Award of $25,000 will be required to give DIFF first right of refusal to host the film’s World Premiere. In the instance this is not possible; the recipient will be obliged to offer DIFF the Arab film festival premiere - this applies to Arab film festivals both inside and outside the Arab World.
  • DIFF Award winners will also be asked to include the following in their films credits and all publicity materials:
    • “Developed with the support of the Dubai International Film Festival”
    • (Logo will be provided electronically to the winning project)
  • For administrative reasons the prize money is paid to the director but it should be noted that the money is intended as a contribution towards the realisation of the project and not for individual use.
  • Each year the DFC also has new and additional award sponsors. Some of these may require the winning project to also include a line in the credit role along with the sponsor’s logo. By submitting to the DFC and if your project is the recipient of one of these awards, you also agree to include these credits once the film is realised.