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Dubai Film Connection

Selection Process

Following the deadline, an international team of experts evaluates the submissions and selects between 10-15 feature film projects. In the first round, all applications are looked at by two different members of the selection team and a shortlist is compiled. In the final round, all members of the selection team read the shortlisted projects. The final selection is completed by the end of October and selected filmmakers will be contacted by a DFC representative.

The projects are selected based on the following criteria:
  • The quality of the idea,
  • The talent and ability of the whole team to deliver the proposed project,
  • The feasibility of the budget and finance plan,
  • The project’s potential for both international and Arab partners.
Furthermore, when making the final selection the committee strives to select a range of projects that reflects the diversity of filmmaking voices across the Arab world; from small low-budget personal projects to more commercially ambitious genre films. We also aim to select both established as well as debut feature film directors.

Selecting the Awards

A jury of 3 international film professionals meets with each of the selected project teams and nominates the awardees.