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DIFFDIFF Journal 2017From London to Dubai: 3 Arab Films That Will Make A Splash at DIFF
DIFF Journal
From London to Dubai: 3 Arab Films That Will Make A Splash at DIFF
Thu Oct 19, 2017
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As the BFI London Film Festival comes to a close, three fantastic Arab films are making their way from London to Dubai at the upcoming 14th edition of DIFF. Each of these films represents a unique vision and a great addition to Arab cinema:

1. Wajib
Supported by Enjaaz and winner of the 2015 DIFF Award at the Dubai Film Connection, Annemarie Jacir’s Wajib impressed the BFI London Film Festival audience who had the chance to attend its UK premiere 2 weeks ago. The film, which is Palestine’s Oscar entry in the Best Foreign Language race, was the only Arab film in official competition and it earned a Special Mention from the jury who commended its honesty and unique moments of sadness and joy. One of the few Palestinian films not to focus on politics, the film offers a rare look at the Christian Palestinian community in Palestine today and strives to explore the concept of identity and its different interpretations among older and newer generations of Palestinians. Starring Mohammed and Saleh Bakri – father and son in real life – it’s a film that blends comedy and drama to present an honest and raw portrait of Palestinians today. The film will have its much-anticipated MENA premiere at DIFF so make sure you don’t miss it. It will compete in the Muhr Feature competition and will be screened more than once for the general public. Get your 10 or 20-tickets pack today and stay tuned to find out its screening timings around the end of November.

2. Razzia
Moroccan director Nabil Ayouch is known for presenting controversial and thoughtful feature films that open up debate and create a unique viewing experience that pushes audiences to consider the themes and ideas they’re seeing on screen. After Much Loved, Ayouch returns with Razzia - a multi-story narrative drama that explores different – yet thematically coherent – stories that explore the Moroccan identity and highlight unique stories of minorities in Morocco. Moving back and forth between the 1980s and present-day Casablanca, the film focuses on 5 characters who face repression, unfair treatment and pressure to succumb to societal norms limiting their freedom. Each of them embarks on an interesting journey to go against such repression – to varying results. Set to represent Morocco in this year’s Best Foreign Language Oscar race, the film had its UK premiere at the BFI London Film Festival (out of competition) and was well received. It is set to have its GCC premiere at DIFF in the Muhr Feature category. Screening timings will be announced by end of November.

3. The Journey
Iraqi filmmaker Mohammed Al Daradji has a fantastic filmography that always brings raw stories to the big screen with remarkable honesty and thoughtful reflection. After a bow at the BFI London Film Festival, his latest film The Journey is set to also compete at DIFF’s Muhr Feature category where Daradji previously competed. Taking a more controversial and timely story this time around, Al Daradji’s new film focuses on an encounter between two strangers in Baghdad’s central station. A mysterious woman bumps into a salesman. Soon we discover that the woman has a suicide bomb strapped to her stomach and decides to take the salesman hostage. The film offers a unique exploration of the motives of suicide bombers in Iraq through a well-written story that presents a compelling case study of a woman giving up her life and never looking back. Make sure you don’t miss this very timely film at DIFF. Ticket packages are already available and screening timings are set to be available on on the final week of November.
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