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DIFFPress Releases 2014New Online Channel Dubai ON Demand Announces Launch at DIFF
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New Online Channel Dubai ON Demand Announces Launch at DIFF
Mon Dec 15, 2014
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United Arab Emirates, Dubai - December 2014: New interactive online channel; ‘Dubai ON Demand’ is set to launch on YouTube in 2015, bringing together some of Dubai’s favourite presenters and tastemakers. Partnering with the award winning Ti22 Films, Dubai ON Demand will be producing short clips ranging from health and fitness to make-up and celebrity gossip.

The faces of Dubai ON Demand include;

Tamara Al Gabbani

Fashion designer Tamara is considered one of the Middle East’s top personalities and an independent woman in her own right. Tamara was named ‘Best Dressed’ at The Cannes Film Festival, a first for a woman from the Arab region and has hosted a few of the nations’ major events. Tamara will bring her years of expertise in the fashion industry and passion for female empowerment to Dubai ON Demand.

Dalia Dogmoch

A food author, presenter and entrepreneur, Dalia is the definition of a foodie, best known for founding ‘Kitsch Bakery & Cafe' and her popular cooking blog Dalia is a culinary nomad currently residing in Dubai and she will be cooking up a storm alongside a slew of celebrities, famous chefs and a few surprise guests along the way.

Aishwarya Ajit Gordon

The award winning TV presenter, Aishwaraya co-anchored for ‘Studio One’ and reported on the hit show “Twenty Something”. For Dubai ON Demand, Aishwarya will bring together her presenting skills and her background and passion for make-up. Aishwaraya will present make-up and beauty tutorials on Dubai ON Demand, as well as answering questions on everything make-up and hair related.

Layne Redman

Man About Town Layne Redman, a British TV presenter, MC and actor who is best known for co-hosting ‘Out & About’, ‘World of Sports’ and interviewing big names such as; Jackie Stewart, Novak Djokovic and Bob Geldof to name a few, Layne will be brightening screens with his energy and his love for adventure and extreme sports.

Nitin Mirani

Nitin has been called a ‘comedy juggernaut’ and was recently named the 4th funniest person in the world at the 1st annual Laugh Factory. Nitin will be bringing his comedy approach to Dubai ON Demand, presenting fun and weird news happening around town.

Dina Butti

Celebrity correspondent, Dina has presented on shows including ‘Studio One’, ‘Out & About’, ‘City Wrap’ and ‘That’s Entertainment!’. She has also interviewed A-list celebrities including; George Clooney, The Kardashians, John Travolta, Shahrukh Khan, The Jacksons, Gerard Butler, Blake Lively just to name a few. Expect everything Hollywood, live from the best red carpet events and exclusive celebrity interviews.

Tom Urqhart

A TV presenter and radio broadcaster with over 10 yearspresenter an in the Middle East. Tom is renowned for his 4 years as an anchor on Studio One. Tom will be bringing his passion for food to Dubai ON Demand. From tips on where to find the best fish & chips in town to cooking up a storm in the kitchen with some of the cities favourite chefs, Tom will be making sure everyone is in the loop with whatryone is in the loop rld of food in Dubai.

Punam Verma

One of the founding presenters and writers of ‘Out and About’, Punam has hosted countless red carpet events and has discovered many hidden gems in the UAE. Punam will share her passion for alternative medicine as she is an advocate of holistic living and is set on showing the Dubai ON Demand viewers how a natural approach to life can be truly healing.

Faraz Javed

Faraz is best known for his work behind the camera, as a director and producer for MTV, ‘That’s Entertainment’, ‘Studio One’ and ‘Mouth Piece’. Faraz is always looking for the next big thing and that’s exactly how he found his passion for Crossfit. On his segment, Faraz will let the viewers of Dubai ON Demand into a day in the life of a ‘cross fitter’.

Dubai ON Demand is a subdivision of Ti22 films, a New York festival and Cannes Award Winning company founded by Reim El Houni.

“I knew that the industry was moving towards digital and had been following trends in the US, seeing the shift through my company Ti22 Films, I reached out to a group of personalities in the region, many who I had worked with before while executive producing at Dubai One. Each person, saw the vision I was trying to create for the channel and joined the team to develop Dubai ON Demand.

Our group is a wonderful mix of personalities, each of whom will bring something unique and fresh to Dubai ON Demand whilst channeling their passions and professions across the lifestyle industry. Among our presenters, some have previously presented for Dubai One and others are individuals who are specialists within their respective fields with great energy!

The timing for this project is perfect as it comes at a time when Dubai One has shifted their strategy towards acquisition and ended local production, we are ready to fill that gap and cater to that audience,” says Reim, Executive Producer and Managing Director of Ti22 Films.

Dubai ON Demand will upload all the red carpet moments and celebrity interviews at Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) to the channel.
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