Manchester by the Sea stirs emotions
By : Kerry Baggott
Sun Dec 11, 2016

The mortifyingly sad story of ‘Manchester by the Sea’ left few dry eyes in the Madinat Arena on Sunday when it debuted in the region.
With phenomenal acting from Cassey Affleck, as a viewer you become engulfed in a story that seems too real to be comfortable. You invest so much emotionally into this movie that it’s almost exhausting and you’re likely to hate it for its excellence – possibly the exact reaction director Kenneth Lonergan was striving for and why predictions are rife that ‘Manchester by the Sea’ will be an Oscar contender.
Powerful silences tell so much; clever use of music sets the tragic scenes, and looks speak a thousand words.
The story visits the complexities of parenthood when Cassey’s character, Lee, suddenly finds himself the sole carer of his teenage nephew, Patrick, superbly played by his young co-star Lucas Hedges.
A tragedy of lives entwined, these two characters could save each other. That’s exactly what viewers are hankering for. Yet Lee’s agonizing grief is so ingrained in his heart – his very being - that he can hardly live in the present, let alone plan for a future.
To be human is to be moved by this movie.
Catch a second showing of ‘Manchester by the Sea’ during the Festival at Mall of the Emirates on Wednesday 14 December at 8.45pm.

Kerry Baggott