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DIFFPress Releases 2014Dubai Film Market Forum Programme
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Dubai Film Market Forum Programme
Thu Nov 20, 2014
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All sessions are held in the Forum Room in the Dubai Film Market (Joharah Ballroom), unless otherwise mentioned.

Thursday 11 December - Broadcast Day

TV and film are increasingly merging and crossing over from one medium to the other has never been easier. In a day dedicated to all matters of broadcasting, the line-up of panel discussions focuses on the new narratives, key players and digital opportunities between both media.

Digital Mindset

Time: 11.30-13.00
PwC's 15th annual edition of Global Entertainment & Media Outlook reveals digital success is not just about technology - it’s about applying a digital mindset to build the right behaviours.

PwC will provide an overview of growth performance, trends and features of 13 sectors in 54 countries including forecasts for 2014-2018. They will share insights related to the role of digital; sources of strength and future growth drivers for television and filmed entertainment segments. Come and hear which are the “Mature,” “Next Wave,” “Up & Comers” countries and find out the growth prospects of specific Middle East countries.

By Invitation Only

The State of the Region’s TV

Time: 14.00-15.00
An overview of the regional television landscape that reveals what the broadcasters are buying, producing, showing and describes their digital strategy. Discover how advertising is driving the content stream and prognosis for Arab films appearing on regional TV.

Is TV the New Film?

Time: 15.30-16.30
As TV reinvents itself and has won over new audiences with its slick new offerings, we examine the crossover between the two media and how the audience from Indie film is converging on TV’s hottest series. Through the movers and shakers across both industries, we find out what’s key to creating a successful show in today’s landscape and how online platforms are making a difference.

Networking Session - Broadcasters & TV Producers

Time: 17.00-18.15
Open to DFM and DIFF delegates. Contact the DFM Information Desk for a complete list of featured guests.

Friday 12 December - Marketing & Distribution Day

In the current era of digital film, explore the latest promotion strategies and new release models being used to ensure the audience gets to see the films they want to see, on demand and by demand. Discover how your film can reach the right audience, partners and peers.


Time: 10.00-11.00
The Weinstein Company presents a unique insight into the end of theatrical windows’ exclusivity and how to successfully tailor a film release on the big screen and Video On Demand. A fascinating case study that reveals the business strategy behind the global hit starring Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton, offering a glimpse into the future of film distribution.

The Demand for VOD & Current Digital Distribution Strategies In the Region

Time: 11.30-12.30
What is the future of VOD and what are its preferred devices of consumption? Is it still the favourite viewing model for the younger audience demographic? Gain incredible insights from the region’s distributors and broadcasters as they work with the audience’s ever-changing consumption patterns and expand into online markets.

Crowd Investing – A Vital Marketing & Distribution Strategy

Time: 14.00-15.00
Leading crowdsourcing and crowdfunding filmmaker Timo Vuorensola, (STAR WRECK and IRON SKY) provides an unparalleled insight into embracing your audience.
After raising almost 1 million euros from his fans, premiering at Berlin Film Festival and SXSW and widely distributing IRON SKY by audience demand, Timo is now working on its sequel. Find out what we can expect from this follow-up to his film about Nazis on the moon.

What are The Challenges of Distributing Arab films?

Time: 15.30-16.30
Arab films enjoy a unique positioning. With a readily available audience of more than 300 million people the challenges of reaching the end user should be minimal. Yet, the distribution of Arab films presents numerous obstacles. Distributors and filmmakers come together to discuss marketing and distribution strategies to help Arab films realise their true potential.

Networking Session - Distributors & Sales Agents

Time: 17.00-18.15
Open to DFM and DIFF delegates. Contact the DFM Information Desk for a complete list of featured guests.

Saturday 13 December - Finance & Co-Production Day

Dedicated to the business of how to get a film made, this day’s discussions navigate through the different sources of funding and financing structures as well as the challenging, yet absolutely vital, opportunities of co-production.

Risky Business or Valuable Investment?

Time: 10.00 – 11.00
International and regional financiers and producers discuss the opportunities and challenges of investing in film. What are the parameters to ascertain the viability of a film project and at what stage of a project’s life cycle do the financiers come on board? Attendees can learn how to provide a formidable value proposition, about banking structures and incentives and how investors make their decisions on which films to bank.

Co-Production Means Business

Time: 11.30-12.30
Discover the latest co-production treaties, incentives and tax credits that make co-producing such an important lifeline for the film industry. Gain first-hand insight from international experts on structuring a co-production, working with peers from around the world and go global.

Financing and Packaging Your Film

Time: 14.00-15.00
Structuring, financing and selling a film can be understandably daunting. However, knowing how to serve your film’s financiers and talent’s interests is an invaluable asset. Explore the current trends in film financing, the international talent, packages and deals that make the best films and TV happen.

Creating Universal Stories for Film & TV

Time: 15.30-16.30
Established producers and commissioning editors share their criteria on what type of stories and genres they look for and the differences between co-producing for film and TV, fiction and non-fiction. Is TV co-production largely reliant on geographical and cultural proximity? Are the cultural interchanges more open in film?

Networking Session - Funders, Commissioners & Producers – Film & TV

Time: 17.00-18.15
Open to DFM and DIFF delegates. Contact the DFM Information Desk for a complete list of featured guests.

Sunday 14 December - The Future of Film & TV

Learn, question and discuss the platforms, digital services and experiences that are shaping the future of film and TV. From the fixation on original content to the ever changing audience behaviour: the only way is forward!

Short Films: A Stepping Stone or the Final Destination?

Time: 10.00-11.00
Two-time ®Oscar-winner producer Kim Magnusson explains how short films can be a great launchpad for a future career in feature film but also how they are an amazing form of storytelling in their own right. We also look into the future as short films emerge as a renewed format on online platforms and advertising.

Digital Technology: How it influences storytelling and redefines content

Time: 11.30-12.30
Commissioners, producers and editors elaborate on what they are doing to stay ahead of the digital game. How are emerging technologies and platforms changing the way we tell, consume and share stories? What are the trends in the creation and distribution of media content today and what will be the movements of the future? Join us in this eye-opening session and unravel the future of cross-media entertainment.

Fans Power the Screens

Time: 14.00-15.00
The future is with the fans. Audiences are accessing and consuming content in new and diverse ways. What is the media industry doing to meet their demand? Hear about how to build and retain a shifting audience and discover the future of audience engagement.

How Gulf Filmmakers see their Future in Film?

Time: 15.30-16.30
Gulf filmmakers share their experiences from helming a short film to completing a feature and their observations on the growth of the industry around them. Hear about their journey so far and their projections as we look through their lenses into the future of filmmaking in the region.

Networking Session – DFM Exhibitors

Time: 17.00-18.15
Open to DFM and DIFF delegates. Contact the DFM Information Desk for a complete list of featured guests.

Monday 15 December - Art & Craft Day

Embrace the creative process and the cross-pollination between the realms of art and film. Delve into the artistic practices that make up the craft of filmmaking as we shed light on how Moving Images blur the line between the two.

In Conversation With Virginia Madsen

Time: 10.00 – 11.00
Join us for an intimate conversation with Academy Award-nominee Virginia Madsen and her fascinating career spanning over 100 titles. A first-hand insight into the acting craft, differences between acting for film and TV and invaluable lessons learned from the Hollywood industry.
Guest: Virginia Madsen, Actress

LIFE IS A STAGE - “Best Kept Pro Secrets”

Time: 11.45-13.15
Founder and Artistic Director of the international MAKE UP FOR EVER brand, Dany Sanz has always been passionate about teaching the art of makeup.
She will be travelling from Paris to Dubai to reveal her pro secrets and share her artistic creativity through an educational workshop.
“Life is a stage - whatever your role is, MAKE UP FOR EVER is here to help you play it! Our brand strives not only to be at the service of artists, accompanying them in their various performances, but also to help women embody what they truly are!” - Dany Sanz

Ways of Seeing: Cross-Overs in Art and Cinema

Time: 14.30-16.00
In this session, curator Omar Kholeif will go through an illustrated case study of the work of award-winning artist and filmmaking duo Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, exploring the possibilities of working between art and cinema. Omar and Joana will discuss the complexities of funding and producing hybrid art-film projects and the possibilities that this enables.
Omar Kholeif is a writer, editor and Curator at the Whitechapel Gallery, London. He is also Guest Curator of The Abraaj Group Art Prize 2015.

Networking Session: Festival Programmers

Time: 17.00-18.15
Open to DFM and DIFF delegates. Contact the DFM Information Desk for a complete list of featured guests.

Tuesday 16th December - Filmmaking Workshops Day

Partners of the DFM and their invited industry experts present specialised workshops and tools to further develop the craft of filmmaking.

Hp And Nvidia Enabling Your Filmmaking Future

Time: 10.00-11.30
Join Media and Entertainment industry leader Gary Adcock for a provocative look at why creative professionals embracing HP's Nvidia powered PC Workstations and Adobe’s Creative Cloud for their most demanding film and television projects.
From data handling onset to the needs of colorists and compositors, see why HP, Nvidia and Adobe are powering this new generation of filmmakers. Today’s high resolution media demands the utmost from your software and hardware, requiring tools that easily allow for flexible scalability while maintaining interoperability with existing and future workflows in the most demanding production and post workflows imaginable.

Inside the Edit with Paddy Bird

Time: 12.00-13.00
You’ve bought your editing software, now how do you actually use it? In partnership with Avid, Inside The Edit is the world’s first creative editing course that concentrates on the art of editing instead of the technical side of the software.

Paddy Bird, one of the industry's most prolific documentary and entertainment editors gives an in-depth masterclass about:
- The craft of high end, broadcast editing
- How a professional editor approaches a scene
- What to look for when constructing a sequence
- The thought process behind every decision on their timeline

Learn dozens of non-text book concepts, theories and techniques used in the pro world.


Time: 14.00 – 16.00
A workshop tailor-made for filmmakers and cinematographers who want to further develop their knowledge of DSLR cameras in order to get the most out of this type of equipment. Understanding the tool is the first step towards overcoming its limitations. Participants will have the opportunity to delve into the ins and outs of DSLR cameras and experience the amount of manipulation and versatility that they allow.
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