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DIFFPress Releases 2005Yesterday unveils impressive African talent
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Yesterday unveils impressive African talent
Sat Dec 17, 2005
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Dubai, December 17, 2005: A press conference at the 2nd Dubai International Film Festival about the film Yesterday, a moving story of a young mother played by Leleti Khumalo, provided a glimpse into the impressive talent possessed by Africa. One of the world’s most beautiful continents, African movies have attracted increased attention in recent years and Dubai audiences have been exposed to some of their fascinating films.

Darrell James Roodt, one of South Africa’s most prolific directors who has also directed Yesterday said: “Yesterday is a powerful plea for tolerance, dominated by the story of an incredibly brave woman, willing to do anything for her daughter. The mission of the film was that if we could change the perceptions of even a single person towards the issue o HIV then we would have succeeded. I am happy to say that we have.”

Leleti Khumalo, described as South Africa’s best actress, likes to do meaningful cinema that conveys a clear message. “I am happy to do good quality work that I can be proud and that makes sense to me.” About the depth of talent in Africa, eminent South African producer Anant Singh, said: “It is really not comprehensible why our talent has not transcended into Hollywood or the UK market. I guess we are fortunate in a way that our talent has not left our shores and is available for our cinema.”

“Zulu was our only choice of language to make the movie in. I am glad that we did so. Not only has it artistically kept its connection with the land and its people but it has been a commercial success as well. It was shown on HBO in the US to an audience of two million. It has been a success on the film festival circuit as well,” concluded Singh.
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