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DIFFPress Releases 2005UAE has potential to develop its own film industry says Dubai-based film maker Dhruv Dhawan
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UAE has potential to develop its own film industry says Dubai-based film maker Dhruv Dhawan
Sat Dec 17, 2005
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Dubai, December 17, 2005: Dhruv Dhawan, Dubai-based film maker of the documentary ‘From Dust’, is confident that the fast growing talent pool of UAE-based film makers can be the catalyst that develops the film industry in the UAE. All the movie making stages from concept to story-boarding to post-production can be easily accomplished by the talent and facilities within the UAE.

Speaking about his own experience in making the documentary about the Tsunami in Sri Lanka, Dhruv said: “My film has been made with UAE-based talent from start to finish. I did not need the skills or expertise from any external cinema centre. In fact, when artists here realised that mine was an independent project, a non-commercial venture, they came forward to help with their skills and expertise. I am sure that many more films will be made by the UAE this year.”

From Dust, a story of three men who endured the full impact of the Tsunami in Sri Lanka was filmed in 12 weeks of stay there and raises questions about the rehabilitation of the survivors. Dhawan directed, produced, filmed and wrote the script of the film, with more than 68 hours of footage cut to a little over 68 minutes.

The scale of devastation was presented through visuals and the stories of the people. Explaining his love for the documentary or the short film, Dhruv said: “The documentary is the ideal film making format for me. I believe that it bridges the gap between the dipstick news format and elaborate reality TV. I intend to work exclusively in the documentary format in the future.”

“My next project, for which I am in the process of obtaining clearances, will be filmed in Pakistan. Having been based in the UAE for the past 20 years, I have benefited from the excellent exposure to various cultures and aim to work in all the 30 odd countries for which Dubai has become a hub,” concluded Dhruv
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