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Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!
You might not want to watch this before chowing down on a tasty chicken dish, but for Morgan Spurlock (the brave soul who subsisted entirely on McDonald’s food for 30 days in his 2004 doc ‘SuperSize Me’) it’s another impassioned insight into the mega-corps that control our food production and as Spurlock discovers, beneath the crispy skin, all is far from well in the world of chicken. To highlight the dark secrets of the industry, Spurlock launches his own chicken shop, doing everything from raising the chickens to manning the till. In between, he exposes the dirty, depressing truth behind the multibillion-dollar “Big Chicken” industry. Funny, insightful and above all, relentlessly polemical, there’s every chance you will never eat a nugget ever again…
2017 / English dialogue with Colour / 103 mins
Genre: Non-fiction
Programme: Cinema of the World
Premiere: MENA Premiere
Rating: PG
Contains: Requires Parental Guidance
Director: Morgan Spurlock
Producer: Jeremy Chilnick, Matthew Galkin, Nicole Barton, Morgan Spurlock
Scriptwriter: Jeremy Chilnick, Morgan Spurlock
DOP: David Vlastis
Editor: Pierre Takal
Composer: Jeff Meegan, David Tobin
Cast: Morgan Spurlock
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