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The Worthy

In a dystopian future, when the water supply has been poisoned, a group of unlikely survivors has taken refuge in an abandoned hangar. They struggle to stay alive and protect one of the last remaining sources of uncontaminated water. After a near-deadly altercation with bandits, who want to seize the water, two strangers appear to help fight off the bandits. The survivors’ leader agrees to host the strangers, as long as they conform to the camp’s rules. When one of the strangers betrays the group, the compound descends into madness, leaving only one question: who is worthy to live and to lead?

The Worthy
United Arab Emirates / 2016 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 100 mins
Genre: Thriller
Programme: Muhr Emirati
Premiere: MENA Premiere
Rating: 18+
Contains: Coarse Language, Extreme Violence, Gory Images and Violence
Director: Ali F. Mostafa
Producer: Peter Safran, Steven Schneider, Rami Yasin
Scriptwriter: Vikram Weet
DOP: Adrian Slisteanu
Editor: Shahnaz Dulaimy
Composer: Joseph Bishara
Cast: Ali Suliman, Samer Almasri, Rakeen Saad, Mahmoud Al Atrash, Habib Ghuloom, Samer Ismael, Salah Hanoun
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