Chile, France, Spain and Argentina / 2016 / French and Spanish dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 108 mins

Genre: Biography and Drama
Programme: Cinema of the World
Premiere: MENA Premiere
Rating: 18+
Contains: Adult References, Coarse Language, Nudity and Sexuality

This delightful blending of fantasy with real-life moments from the life of the acclaimed poet/politician results in a funny but also insightfully offbeat story. Director Pablo Larraín’s film reimagines Pablo Neruda (played wonderfully by Luis Gnecco) and his run-in with the Chilean government in the 1940s as a type of film noir, as he and his wife Della del Carroll (Mercedes Morán) embrace the thrill of the chase, with blundering police inspector (played with zeal by Gael García Bernal) hot on their heels. Larraín’s film looks fantastic and while certainly no formal biopic, it is also intriguing, challenging and entertaining.

Director : Pablo Larraín
Producer : Juan De Dios Larrain
DOP : Sergio Armstrong
Editor : Herve Schneid
Composer : Federico Jusid
Cast : Gael García Bernal, Luis Gnecco, Mercedes Morán, Diego Muñoz, Pablo Derqui