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Bei Xi Mo Shou (Behemoth)
A visually striking documentary that raises comparisons between heaven and hell, Liang Zhao’s BEHEMOTH focuses on the striking grasslands of China that are becoming submerged in a layer of dust from iron mines, with traditional herdsmen forced to move on, as the meadowlands slowly vanish as the mines work through the night. The film dwells not only on the dwindling, once lush lands, but also on the plight of the miners, who feed a seemingly endless line of trucks waiting to pick up the iron ore. From the mines to the hospitals where respiratory disease awaits many, Zhao makes it clear that they endure a grim and harrowing life.
2015 / Mandarin dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 90 mins
Genre: Non-fiction
Programme: Cinema of the World
Premiere: GCC Premiere
Rating: 12+
Contains: Adult References and Brief Nudity
Director: Zhao Liang
Producer: Sylvie Blum
Screenplay: Zhao Liang
DOP: Zhao Liang
Editor: Fabrice Rouaud
Composer: Alain Mahé, Huzi
Cast: Xiao Zhang And Fellow Workers , Local Citizens Of The Inner Mongolian Grasslands , Workers From Local Mines And Ironworks , Brothers Sick With Pneumoconiosis
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