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Haus Ohne Dach (house Without Roof )

Alan, Jan and Liya are three siblings, who were born in Kurdish Iraq and raised in Germany. They must return to their ancestral village in Iraq to bury their deceased mother next to their father, who was killed in an uprising against Saddam Hussein’s regime. On their nerve-wracking Kurdistan odyssey, they are confronted by their large Kurdish family, but also by having to reconnect with each other, as they have been emotionally separated over time. In this poignant film, Alan, Jan and Liya are forced to explore their homeland and their identity, all while discovering themselves – and at one point, losing their mother’s coffin.

Haus Ohne Dach (house Without Roof )
Germany, Iraq and Qatar / 2016 / German and Kurdish dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 117 mins
Genre: Drama and War
Programme: Arabian Nights
Premiere: GCC Premiere
Rating: PG
Contains: Strong Language and Requires Parental Guidance
Director: Soleen Yusef
Producer: Mehmet Aktas, Jana Raschke
Scriptwriter: Soleen Yusef
DOP: Stephan Burchardt
Editor: Hannes Bruun
Composer: John Gürtler, Jan Miserre, Lars Voges
Cast: Wedad Sabri, Mina Özlem Sağdıç, Sasun Sayan, Murat Seven