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Bayt Al Toot (the Mulberry House )

Sara returns to Yemen after several years. Arriving at the heart of an emerging revolution, she redefines her place in Yemeni society, as well as her relationship with her father and grandfather. In a unique examination of the uprisings in Yemen, THE MULBERRY HOUSE shifts the focus from events on the street to the impact of the revolution on the lives of one family.

Bayt Al Toot (the Mulberry House )
Egypt, Syria, United Kingdom, Yemen and United Arab Emirates / 2013 / Arabic and English dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 75 mins
Genre: Biography, Family and Social
Programme: Muhr Arab Documentary
Premiere: Middle East Premiere
Rating: 12+
Contains: Violence
Director: Sara Ishaq
Producer: Diana El Jeiroudi, Mostafa Youssef
Scriptwriter: Sara Ishaq
DOP: Sara Ishaq, Genevieve Bicknell
Editor: Doaa Fadel
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