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Kharej Al-itar Aw Thawra Hata El Nasser (Off Frame Aka Revolution Until Victory)

Dubai Film Connection

OFF FRAME AKA REVOLUTION UNTIL VICTORY is a meditation on the Palestinian struggle to produce an image that represented their revolution to the world of the 60s and 70s, by establishing the Palestine Film Unit within the PLO. Unearthing films stored in archives across the world after unprecedented research, the film begins with popular representations of modern Palestine and traces the works of militant filmmakers towards reclaiming image and narrative through revolutionary and militant cinema. In resurrecting a forgotten memory of struggle, OFF FRAME reanimates what is within the frame, but also weaves a critical reflection by looking for what is outside it.

2016 / 62 mins

Genre: Political Thriller


Mohanad Yaqubi


Sami Said
(Idioms Film)
Mohanad Yaqubi
(Idioms Film)


Sulafa Jadallah
Hani Jawharieh
Mustafa Abu Ali


Ramzi Hazboun
David Osit


Sara Sea
Sami Said


Reem Shilleh
Mohanad Yaqubi

Sales Agent

Sami Said
(Idioms Film)

Production Company

Idioms Film
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