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Ala Mad Al Basar (Line Of Sight)


Laila’s marriage is disappointing. An absent husband and phantoms from her past continue to drag her down in misery. When a car thief tries to steal her car, she attempts to stop him, but time seems to freeze. The thief plays over the circumstances that drove him to Laila’s in the first place, and makes up his mind: his life or Laila’s, which sets them up to face some very strange decisions.

2012 / 84 mins

Genre: Drama


Aseel Mansour


Cindy Le Templier
(Shashat Productions)


Khaled Al-Ghwairi
Nadia Odeh


Aseel Mansour
Salah Kilani


Antoine Carpentier


Aseel Mansour

Sales Agent

Cindy Le Templier
(Shashat Productions)

Sales Agent

Shashat Productions
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