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Heralded by Variety magazine as one of the world’s “50 unmissable film festivals“, DIFF has cemented its reputation as the ultimate destination to discover films from the Arab world and beyond. The archive gives you access to the films, juries, galleries, press releases and more from the first edition in 2004 through to the current edition.
Films 2016


Dir: Mike Mills
Comedy and Drama
Rating: 15+ / 119 mins
Dir: Sergio Leone
Action, Drama and Western
Rating: 12+ / 100 mins
Dir: Juan Antonio Bayona
Drama and Fantasy
Rating: 15+ / 108 mins
Dir: Kae Bahar
Rating: PG / 19 mins
Dir: Jehad N. Al-Khateeb
Rating: PG / 15 mins
Dir: Nayla Al Khaja
Rating: PG / 14 mins
Dir: Junfeng Boo
Rating: 15+ / 96 mins
Dir: Fahad Aljoudi
Rating: 12+ / 10 mins
Dir: Sarah Hill
Non-fiction and VR (Virtual Reality)
Rating: PG / 9 mins
Dir: Leslie H. Martinson
Action, Adventure, Fantasy and Science Fiction
Rating: PG / 105 mins
Dir: Aditya Chopra
Rating: 15+ / 135 mins
Dir: Alex Pitstra
Rating: PG / 92 mins
Dir: Ang Lee
Drama and War
Rating: 15+ / 113 mins
Dir: Jordan Roberts
Rating: 12+ / 104 mins
Dir: Kelly Reichardt
Rating: 15+ / 107 mins
Dir: David Frankel
Rating: PG / 93 mins
Dir: Randal Kleiser
Science Fiction and VR (Virtual Reality)
Rating: PG / 5 mins
Dir: Iman Kamel
Non-fiction, Biography and Creative Documentary
Rating: 12+ / 85 mins
Dir: Hassan Kiyany
Mystery and VR (Virtual Reality)
Rating: 12+ / 9 mins
Dir: Ben Wheatley
Action, Crime and Drama
Rating: 18+ / 90 mins
Dir: Philip Gnadt, Mickey Yamine
Non-fiction and Sport
Rating: PG / 87 mins
Dir: Ivan Sen
Crime and Thriller
Rating: 15+ / 110 mins
Dir: Ken Loach
Rating: 12+ / 100 mins
Dir: Pierre Zandrowicz
Drama, Science Fiction and VR (Virtual Reality)
Rating: PG / 14 mins
Dir: Darren Emerson
Rating: 12+ / 14 mins
Dir: Pablo Larraín
Biography and Drama
Rating: 15+ / 95 mins
Dir: Ali Bin Matar
Rating: PG / 19 mins
Dir: Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth
Rating: 12+ / 94 mins
Dir: Adam Cosco
Action, Drama and VR (Virtual Reality)
Rating: 15+ / 15 mins
Dir: Damien Chazelle
Musical and Romance
Rating: 12+ / 127 mins
Dir: William Oldroyd
Rating: 18+ / 89 mins
Dir: Ahmed Zain
Comedy and Drama
Rating: PG / 73 mins
Dir: Mansoor Alyabhouni Aldhaheri
Rating: 15+ / 70 mins
Dir: Jeff Nichols
Biography and Drama
Rating: PG / 123 mins
Dir: Shatha Masoud
Non-fiction and Psychodrama
Rating: 12+ / 24 mins
Dir: Kenneth Lonergan
Rating: 15+ / 138 mins
Dir: Anas Khalaf, Rana Kazkaz
Rating: PG / 13 mins
Dir: John Madden
Drama and Thriller
Rating: 15+ / 127 mins
Dir: Tom Ford
Drama and Thriller
Rating: 18+ / 116 mins
Dir: Mohanad Yaqubi
Political Thriller
Rating: PG / 62 mins
Dir: Andrew Dominik
Music and Non-fiction
Rating: PG / 112 mins
Dir: Ash Brannon
Animation, Comedy, Family and Music
Rating: PG / 88 mins
Dir: Gareth Edwards
Action and Adventure
Rating: 15+ / 133 mins
Dir: Philippa Lowthorpe
Adventure and Family
Rating: 8+ / 97 mins
Dir: Meqdad Al Kout
Comedy and Fiction
Rating: PG / 6 mins
Dir: Nate Parker
Biography and Drama
Rating: 18+ / 120 mins
Dir: Philippe Falardeau
Drama and Sport
Rating: 18+ / 101 mins
Dir: Eman Alsayed
Rating: PG / 10 mins
Dir: Otto Bell
Creative Documentary and Teens
Rating: PG / 87 mins
Dir: John Lee Hancock
Biography, Drama and Historical
Rating: 12+ / 116 mins
Dir: Trisha Ziff
Rating: 18+ / 88 mins
Dir: Masar Sohail
Rating: 15+ / 15 mins
Dir: Peter Chelsom
Drama, Science Fiction, Adventure and Romance
Rating: 12+ / 120 mins
Dir: Hend Fakhroo
Drama and Fiction
Rating: PG / 22 mins
Dir: Lone Scherfig
Comedy, Drama and Romance
Rating: 15+ / 110 mins
Dir: Terrence Malick
Non-fiction and Drama
Rating: 15+ / 90 mins