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Heralded by Variety magazine as one of the world’s “50 unmissable film festivals“, DIFF has cemented its reputation as the ultimate destination to discover films from the Arab world and beyond. The archive gives you access to the films, juries, galleries, press releases and more from the first edition in 2004 through to the current edition.
Films 2016
Dir: Hady Zaccak
Biography and Non-fiction
Rating: PG / 83 mins
Dir: Seifollah Samadian
Biography and Non-fiction
Rating: PG / 76 mins
Dir: Mahdi Fleifel
Rating: 15+ / 30 mins
Dir: Alfouz Tanjour
Non-fiction and War
Rating: PG / 110 mins
Dir: Sarah Hill
Non-fiction and VR (Virtual Reality)
Rating: PG / 9 mins
Dir: Alex Pitstra
Rating: PG / 92 mins
Dir: Iman Kamel
Non-fiction, Biography and Creative Documentary
Rating: 12+ / 85 mins
Dir: Philip Gnadt, Mickey Yamine
Non-fiction and Sport
Rating: PG / 87 mins
Dir: Mahamat-Saleh Haroun
Rating: 15+ / 82 mins
Dir: Nujoom Alghanem
Rating: PG / 86 mins
Dir: Darren Emerson
Rating: 12+ / 14 mins
Dir: Georgy Molodtsov, Michael Owen
Non-fiction and VR (Virtual Reality)
Rating: PG / 7 mins
Dir: Lutz Gregor
Non-fiction and Music
Rating: PG / 93 mins
Dir: Shatha Masoud
Non-fiction and Psychodrama
Rating: 12+ / 24 mins
Dir: Haider Rashid
Non-fiction and VR (Virtual Reality)
Rating: PG / 14 mins
Dir: Romain Levices
Music, Non-fiction and VR (Virtual Reality)
Rating: PG / 3 mins
Dir: Andrew Dominik
Music and Non-fiction
Rating: PG / 112 mins
Dir: Abbas Kiarostami
Rating: G / 16 mins
Dir: Laurent Aït Benalla
Non-fiction and Creative Documentary
Rating: PG / 71 mins
Dir: Yuri Ancarani
Rating: PG / 70 mins
Dir: Trisha Ziff
Rating: 18+ / 88 mins
Dir: Andreas Dalsgaard, Obaidah Zytoon
Rating: 18+ / 104 mins
Dir: Eliane Raheb
Rating: PG / 95 mins
Dir: Terrence Malick
Non-fiction and Drama
Rating: 15+ / 90 mins
Dir: Faiza Ahmad Khan
Non-fiction and VR (Virtual Reality)
Rating: PG / 7 mins