Film by 7 Top Directors Raises Funds for Charity

Mon Dec 11,2006

The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) will host All the Invisible Children, a film that was produced to raise funds for a joint Unicef and World Food Program project in Niger, West Africa. It is the result of four years of organization by a group of dedicated Italian producers, who asked several of the world’s most renowned directors if they would consider working on a film that would be a charitable statement.  Eight filmmakers responded. 

The result of the collaboration is All the Invisible Children, a film made up of seven short vignettes that tell the story of children throughout the world who daily experience the effects of war, hunger, crime, and physical and sexual abuse. 

French Algerian novelist and director Mehdi Charef’s troubling Tanza is named after its hero, a twelve-year-old boy who joins an army of freedom fighters in Burkina Faso.

Serbian Emir Kusturika (Super 8 Stories), a two-time Cannes Golden Palm winner, directed the segment Blue Gypsy, which tells the heartbreaking tale of a young gypsy boy who is forced against his will to steal in order to support his family.

Independent film powerhouse Spike Lee’s (Inside Man, 2006) Jesus Children of America recounts the struggles of a Brooklyn teenager who is the HIV-positive daughter of drug-addicted parents.

Katia Lund’s (City of God, 2002) poignant contribution, entitled Bilu and João, portrays a day in the life of two enterprising children struggling on the streets of São Paolo.

Jordan Scott and her father Sir Ridley Scott (Alien, Bladerunner) have co-directed the hypnotic Jonathan, written by Jordan Scott, about a photojournalist who escapes personal torment by regressing back to his childhood.

Stefano Veneruso’s Ciro brings us the story of a young boy living between crime and play in the run down housing estates of Naples. Stefano Veneruso also acted as producer and director for the title song of All The Invisible Children, which was written by top Italian singer Elisa and performed with the legendary Tina Turner.

John Woo’s (Mission Impossible 2) moving film Song Song & Little Cat unfolds in tender detail the development of a special bond between the penniless orphan, Little Cat, and the wealthy yet troubled Song Song.

All the Invisible Children will screen as part of the Operation Cultural Bridges program of the Dubai International Film Festival, a series dedicated to reconciliation among the people of the world.

DIFF will hold a charity gala after the screening to raise funds for the film’s beneficiary project, which provides meals to schoolchildren in Niger, Africa.

All the Invisible Children will screen on Tuesday, December 12 at 7:00 pm in the Madinat Theatre, with directors Katia Lund and Stefano Veneruso present.

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