International Relations ARTE Prize  - EUROS 6,000

You Are Algeria, by Farid Bentoumi / France / Les films Velvet
Representatives: Farid Bentoumi, Pierre-Louis Garnon


OIF Prize  – EUROS 5,000

Kilo 56, by Mohamed Hammad / Egypt / Misr International Films
Representatives: Mohamed Hammad, Mouwafak Chourbagui


DIFF Award – USD 25,000 each

Batata (doc.), by Noura Kevorkian / Lebanon / Six Island Productions
Representatives: Noura Kevorkian, Paul Scherzer

A Full Moon Night, by Fares Naanaa / Tunisia / Cinetelefilms
Representatives: Fares Naanaa, Habib Attia

Me, Myself and Murdoch, by Yahya Alabdallah / Jordan / The Imaginarium Films
Representatives: Yahya Alabdallah, Rula Nasser


Film Clinic / DIFF Debut Feature Award – USD 10,000

Beirut Solo by Sabah Haider / Lebanon / né.à Beyrouth
Representatives: Sabah Haider, Pierre Sarraf


Front Row / KNCC Award – USD 10,000

Ghost Hunting (doc.), by Raed Andoni / Palestine / Les Films de Zayna
Representatives: Raed Andoni, Palmyre Badinier


Producers Network Accreditations

  • Pierre Sarraf
  • Jana Wehbe
  • Ossama Bawardi
  • Myriam Sassine
  • Habib Attia
  • Mouwafak Chourbagui
  • Rami Yasin
  • Fareed Ramadan
  • Sabine Sidawi
  • Mohamed Ali Ben Hamra
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