Dubai Film Connection Award Winners - 2013


DIFF Award – USD 25,000 each

Winning Project No. 1:  GOD PROTECT MY DAUGHTER

Director: Leyla Bouzid

Producer: Sandra Da Fonseca

Winning Project No. 2: KHAROUF

Director: Ahmed Ibrahim

Producer: Samina Akbari

Winning Project No. 3: THE FORGOTTEN

Director: Ghada Terawi

Producer: May Odeh

The ARTE International Prize  - EUROS 6,000

Winning Project: GAZA D.C.

Director:  Rashid Masharawi

Producer: Habib Attia

OIF Prize  – EUROS 5,000


Director: Mark Lotfy

Producer: Bassem Maher

Front Row KNCC Award – USD 10,000

Winning Project: THE FLAG

Director: Firas Khoury

Producer: Hany Abu-Assad

CNC Award – Euro 10,000

Winning Project: HEATWAVE

Director: Joyce A. Nashawati

Producer: Fenia Kossovitsa

New Century Filmmaker Award – USD 10,000

Winning Project: BASTARD

Director: Uda Benyamina

Producer: Marc-Benoit Créancier

Producers Network Accreditations

1. Habib Attia (Gaza D.C.)

2. Abdullah Boushahri (How I Got There)

3. Bassem Maher (Dangerous Profiles)

4. Palmyre Badinier (Ahmed in Wonderland)

5. Silvio Saade (A Reverence for Spiders)

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