Enjaaz is the post-production and production funding support programme at the heart of the Dubai Film Market. Enjaaz provides vital post-production financial support to film projects led by Arab film-makers and production funding to film projects helmed by Gulf film-makers.

  • Widens the choice of Arab films shown to audiences
  • Raises the profile of Arab films in festivals and international film markets
  • Increases opportunities for international sales and distribution of Arab films
  • Builds a sustainable film industry in the region

Emerging and established film-makers from the region working on independent and commercial fiction features, documentaries and fiction shorts are strongly encouraged to apply for funding.

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What’s Enjaaz?

The region is experiencing a cinema renaissance, as young film-makers and experienced directors attempt to launch bold and exciting projects to share with a home-grown and international audience. Enjaaz is keen on supporting these innovators to ensure their projects are completed and reach a wider viewership.

Enjaaz was designed to help film-makers from the region complete their feature films and bring them to audiences around the world. It aims to stimulate Arab filmmaking and develop their skills, as well as offer financial support towards the post- production of Arab feature film projects. Enjaaz post-production funding support not only enables the timely completion of projects, but also ensures films achieve their maximum technical and artistic potential.

Launched in 2009, Enjaaz has supported more than 50 Arab and Arab-origin feature film projects to date.

Successful applicants will be eligible to receive funding of up to USD100,000 per project.

Enjaaz reserves the right to determine the amount of the fund awarded to each project.

How Does Enjaaz Work?

An international committee reviews applications seeking post-production support there are two cycles every year, with deadlines on February 1st 2014 and July 1st 2014

Enjaaz – The Right Choice for You!

  • Enjaaz has an excellent track record with film-makers and acts as a springboard to global success.
  • Enjaaz films are screened at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) and/or the Gulf Film Festival (GFF) to international audiences, industry professional and peers. DIFF and GFF are the only two festivals in the region with dedicated film markets.
  • Enjaaz supports experienced and award-winning directors as well as first-time film-makers.
  • Enjaaz encourages regional talent and brings Arab stories under the spotlight.
  • Enjaaz has helped create a rich roster of critically acclaimed films. These films have also grabbed the attention of international industry professionals interested in securing their distribution rights.

New partners on board

Filmi*, part of Watani, partnered with DIFF and GFF to support emerging talent from the UAE who are passionate about bringing stories that reflect the rich diversity of life in the UAE to global audiences.

Filmi and Enjaaz have allocated a dedicated fund to support a minimum of four Emirati feature film projects (fiction and documentary) directed by Emirati film-makers. The fund will provide production and post-production support and will select two feature film projects, per Enjaaz cycle -  February 2014 and July 2014

Only applications submitted by directors of UAE nationality or origin are eligible to be considered for this initiative. All other Enjaaz related conditions are applicable as indicated, including but not limited to the Rules and Regulations.

* Filmi, is an innovative project launched by Watani on 1 May 2013 dedicated to Emiratis working within the media industry and filmmakers to promote, reinforce and enhance the cultural identity of the UAE, practices of good citizenship and promote Emirati social values through films. A key objective is to support film-makers from the UAE to take their films to festivals around the world and showcase their work to international audiences.

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