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    Programme Muhr Arab Short
    Genre Drama and Social
    Directed by Toufic Khreich _____ Toufic Khreich was born and raised in South Lebanon. He moved to Beirut for his studies, where he graduated from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts in 2003 with a short film, THIS IS THE VOICE OF THE SOUTH.

    After being away from Beirut for 27 years, Iskandar comes back to meet his father. Upon his return, Iskandar is haunted by his childhood memories. ...

    Programme Iraqi Legacy: Children of Future
    Genre Drama, Family and Social
    Directed by Yahya Al-Allaq _____ Yahya Al-Allaq (born Iraq) has worked as first assistant director on feature films directed by Mohamed Al Daradji. Al-Allaq has directed MY NAME IS MOHAMMED (2008) and COLA (2011, Winner of Official Gulf Competition at GFF 2011).

    A deaf boy from Baghdad can only dream of having a normal childhood. He is forced to steal oil canisters to support his family. On an eventful bus rid...

    Programme Muhr Arab Feature
    Genre Drama and Romance
    Directed by Mohamed Malas _____ Mohamed Malas (born 1945) is a pioneering independent Syrian film-maker. He was raised during several conflicts, which influenced the themes of his works. His award-winning films focus on issues related to personal freedom and oppression. Some of his works include DREAMS OF A CITY (1983), THE NIGHT(1992) and PASSION (2005). <br />

    Ghalia is possessed by Zeina’s spirit. Haunted by the life of a girl, who drowned the day she was born, Ghalia travels to Damascus, where she studies ...

    Programme Arabian Nights
    Genre Drama
    Directed by Jose A. Alayón _____ Jose A. Alayón (born 1980, Spain) is the founder of the production company El Viaje Producciones. He has written for and directed documentaries, feature films and commercials. In 2009, he founded the Film Studies Centre of the Canary Islands (CECAN), where he teaches film-making. <br />

    SLIMANE is a dark and innovative documentary-style drama, which follows a group of young Arab immigrants in Spain – all first-time actors – who face t...

    Programme Gulf Voices
    Genre Family, Fantasy, Film Noir, Horror, Mystery, Fiction and Animation
    Directed by Furat Al Jamil _____ Furat Al Jamil is an Iraqi-German director, producer, and artist. She is a co-owner and producer at Enlil Film & Art, and produced the Iraqi feature films UNDEREXPOSURE and QARANTINA.

    A taxi driver picks up a mysterious woman at a street corner, who asks him to drive her to one of Baghdad's oldest graveyards. She gives him a small g...

    Programme Cinema of Asia Africa
    Genre Drama
    Directed by Biyi Bandele _____ Biyi Bandele has had a distinguished career, writing and directing plays for the Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Court, and writing screenplays for the BBC and British and international film productions. He has written and directed a psychological thriller THE KISS (2009/short). His work in TV includes writing (((Not Even God is Wise Enough, directed by Danny Boyle for BBC2 in 1994. HALF OF A YELLOW SUN is his first feature film.

    Based on the acclaimed, eponymous novel by Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, HALF OF A YELLOW SUN is a sweeping romantic drama about the glamo...

    Programme Muhr Arab Feature
    Genre Drama
    Directed by Jillali Ferhati _____ Jillali Ferhati (born 1947) is a Moroccan film-maker. He made his directing debut with A BREACH IN THE WALL (1978) followed by POUPEES DE ROSEAU (1982), LA PLAGE DES ENFANTS PERDUS (1991), TRESSES (2000), MEMOIRE EN DETENTION (2004), DES L’AUBE (2010) and SECRETS D’OREILLER (2013).

    When she recognises the body of the woman who was her mother, a young woman is drawn violently back to her past. She lived in the ‘Big House’ with her...

    Programme Cinema of the World
    Genre Drama
    Directed by Ryan Coogler _____ Ryan Coogler is a 26-year-old film-maker. His feature-length film FRUITVALE STATION is based on the 2009 BART police shooting of Oscar Grant, and was selected for the 2012 Sundance January Screenwriter’s Lab. In 2011, his student short film FIG won the Director’s Guild of America Student Filmmaker Award, as well as the 2011 HBO Short Filmmaker Award. <br /><br /><br />

    Winner of both the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award for US Dramatic Film at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival, Ryan Coogler’s FRUITVALE STATION f...

    Programme Muhr Asia Africa Documentary
    Genre Documentary, Musical and Social
    Directed by Surabhi Sharma _____ Surabhi Sharma has been making documentaries since 2000 with a key focus on documenting cities in transition through the lens of labour, music and migration, and most recently reproductive labour. Cinéma vérité and ethnography are the genres that influence her film-making. Her films have been screened and awarded at international film festivals..

    In the Bhojpuri language, ‘bidesia’ is the one who leaves home. One in four migrants in Mumbai is Bhojpuri, and they call India’s financial capital, ‘...

    Programme Muhr Arab Documentary
    Directed by Jinan Coulter _____ Jinan Coulter is a Palestinian-American documentary film-maker. SEARCHING FOR SARIS is her first feature-length documentary. Coulter’s previous credits include TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, which won the 2004 Best First Short Film Award at the Greenwich International Film Festival, London.

    Saris was a Palestinian village in the Jerusalem area that was ethnically cleansed in 1948 during the creation of the state of Israel. Today, it is in...

  • GIRL & IT
    Programme Muhr Emirati
    Genre Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Fiction and Epic
    Directed by Mohammad Fikree _____ Mohammed Fikree is an Emirati 2D animator, film-maker, graphic designer and music composer. He has recently completed his studies at the SAE Institute Dubai.

    A hunter sets out to capture a horned beast to prove himself worthy of his father. On encountering the beast, he chases it deep into the forest. Durin...

    Programme Cinema for Children
    Genre Comedy
    Directed by Ibtissem Guerda _____ Ibtissem Guerda is an established theatre, film and television actress. She is particularly well-known for her portrayal of Aicha in the French soap opera (((Plus Belle La Vie. FOR YOUR OWN GOOD is her first short film.

    Half angel, half demon – Brahim Omri lives life on his terms. In the sixth grade, he skips school, steals and intercepts any accusatory mail going hom...

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