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Enjaaz Feature Films

Enjaaz is the post-production and production film funding programme at the heart of the Dubai Film Market. Enjaaz provides post-production financial support to film projects led by Arab film-makers and production funding to film projects helmed by Gulf film-makers.


  • Widens the choice of Arab films shown to audiences
  • Raises the profile of Arab films in festivals and international film markets
  • Increases opportunities for international sales and distribution of Arab films
  • Builds a sustainable film industry in the region
Emerging and established film-makers from the region working on independent and commercial fiction and non- fiction features and fiction shorts are strongly encouraged to apply to Enjaaz.


The region is experiencing a cinema renaissance, as young filmmakers and experienced directors attempt to launch bold and exciting projects to share with a home-grown and international audience. Enjaaz is keen on supporting these innovators to ensure their projects are completed and reach a wider viewership.

Enjaaz was designed to help film-makers from the region complete their feature films and bring them to audiences around the world. It aims to stimulate Arab filmmaking and develop their skills, as well as offer financial support towards the post- production of Arab feature film projects.

Launched in 2009, Enjaaz has supported over 120 Arab and Arab-origin feature and short films to date.

Enjaaz reserves the right to determine the amount of the funding awarded to each project.