Thu Dec 11,2008

‘Peace Mission’  Gives a Guided Tour of the Planet’s Third-Largest Film Market

Quietly producing close to two thousand films per year and rapidly becoming the country’s second-largest employer, the Nigerian home video industry is a growing force. Peace Mission, a charming documentary at DIFF 2008, provides a guided tour through the industry’s movers and shakers with Nigerian super-producer Peace Aniyam-Fiberesima.

The film’s German director Dorothee Wenner has been promoting African film in the West for over ten years, and those contacts pay off in this intimate view of a vibrant and dynamic market, virtually unnoticed by Western film connoisseurs but rapidly catching up with Hollywood and Bollywood in terms of output.

Peace Mission takes viewers to the celebrity hangouts, favourite locations, and film industry hotspots in Lagos,  where it seems everyone has a strong opinion about where the industry is heading and how it should progress. For a portrait of a booming creative sector, Peace Mission’s charms are irresistible.

Peace Mission will screen twice at DIFF 2008: on December 12 at 18:45 at Cinestar Mall of the Emirates, and on December 16 at 19:00 at the Grand Cinemas, Festival City.

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