Morgan Freeman hopes to attend DIFF 2006 with Nelson Mandela film

Fri Dec 16,2005

Dubai, December 16, 2005: Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman is optimistic about coming to the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) next year as part of the film about the life of Nelson Mandela. He is the first choice of South African producer Anant Singh to play Mandela. “The Mandela project is in the works. Adapting the biography for film is a huge task and the biggest problem right now. But I am positive that it will be completed soon,” said Freeman.

Earlier in the festival, Anant Singh, South Africa’s pre-eminent film maker commented that he would aim to wrap up the movie before the next film festival in Dubai. “Morgan Freeman is my first choice to play Mandela. The details have to be worked out yet but we are in discussions,” said Anant.

Explaining his conviction that the DIFF will be the best film festival on the planet, Freeman said, “It will be the best because Sheikh Mohammed wills it. It will keep growing bigger and better. I am amazed by what is happening here in Dubai, amazed at the ideas and the plans to sustain those ideas. It is a place of interesting extremes. I will keep coming back here if I am invited.” he said.

Looking forward at his career, Freeman would like to produce movies. He has already directed the movie Bopha! that was screened at the DIFF 2004. “I want to be a force. What kind of force was a question that I stewed on for a while and then I verbalised what I wanted. I have decided to produce films in the future.” On whether he supported the Palestinian cause, he said emphatically, “Yes”. Freeman’s last movie release before Edison was An Unfinished Life co-starring Robert Redford. Described as a knockout performance by reviewers, Morgan Freeman could be in the running for another Oscar next year.

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