Dubai International Film Festival Opens Industry Office

Thu Nov 23,2006

The Dubai International Film Festival announced today the launch of its Industry Office, in association with Dubai Studio City. A dedicated networking platform, designed to promote interaction between local, regional and international filmmakers, the Industry Office’s goal is to help participants develop their professional activities through workshops and panels.

For networking purposes, there will be a dedicated ‘Industry Lounge’ in the Festival Centre where delegates can meet between screenings, collect messages, buy industry tickets, and access the internet. The Office will also hold structured networking initiatives throughout the festival run. Ensuring that industry guests are able to recognize each other, the Industry Office will publish a guide with information on each delegate.

A series of panels and master classes will also be on offer, including sessions with international directors and actors. In keeping with the festival’s mandate of boosting UAE filmmakers, there will also be 2-day intensive coaching sessions for Emiratis.

Abdulhamid Juma, Chairman, DIFF, commented upon the necessity of introducing the Industry Office this year: “We want to ensure that Dubai remains an industry meeting-place and contributes to the dynamism of the global film industry and the entry of Arab filmmakers into the international sphere. By providing a platform for networking between Arab filmmakers and international producers, distributors, studios representatives and talent, the Industry Office will boost the development of the regional film industry.”

The Industry Office will also launch a matchmaking initiative assisting Lebanese filmmakers to meet distributors and producers, with the goal of obtaining corporate financing for five film projects.

Shivani Pandya, Managing Director, DIFF, stated: “This initiative is only the beginning, and we will continue to improve on it every year based on user feedback. We encourage all delegates to make use of it, because this infrastructure is designed with them in mind. We wanted to ensure that networking is happening and ideas are being exchanged. This is not only an amazing tool for individuals, but it will accelerate the pace of business conducted at the festival, which will ultimately affect the film industry in the region.”

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The third run of the Dubai International Film Festival is scheduled to run from December 10 to 17, 2006.

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