Wed Dec 11,2013

The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) today announced the winners of a series of prizes for projects participating in its Dubai Film Connection (DFC), a co-production market that pairs projects by regional film professionals with international producing and funding bodies.

The awards of over USD115,000 represent three Dubai International Film Festival awards of USD25,000, as well as cash prizes from international organisations, including:
• The CNC Award of EUR10,000 for a fiction film project from the Centre National du Cinema et de l’Image Animee, a French government body.
• EUR6,000 from ARTE to a filmmaker for exceptional originality, writing style, and motivation.
• The Front Row KNCC Award, presented to a fiction film project.
• The New Century Filmmaker Award of USD10,000 for a filmmaker who aspires to usher in a new and unconventional cinematic vision in the Arab world.
• EUR5,000 from the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, presented to a film produced and directed in an Arab country that is part of the Francophonie (Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, or Tunisia).

In addition to the cash prizes, the DFC will also select 5 of its participating Arab producers to attend the Producers Network at the Cannes Film Festival, a high-profile networking series featuring producers from around the world.
Shivani Pandya, DIFF Managing Director, said: “Since the DFC’s inception in 2007, 35 projects have been completed and a further 5 in various stages of production—an excellent ratio for any project market, but even more so in an emerging film market where the industry is not mature. We recognized elements that were lacking in our regional industry and designed the DFC to unleash the potential of Arab cinema. We are proud that these efforts are paying off. The cash prizes at the DFC are meant to boost the projects we have chosen, and we look forward to welcoming them back at future editions of DIFF.” 

The 2013 winners are:

DIFF Award – USD 25,000 each

Winning Project No. 1:  GOD PROTECT MY DAUGHTER
Director: Leyla Bouzid
Producer: Sandra Da Fonseca
Winning Project No. 2: KHAROUF
Director: Ahmed Ibrahim
Producer: Samina Akbari

Winning Project No. 3: THE FORGOTTEN
Director: Ghada Terawi
Producer: May Odeh

The ARTE International Prize - EUROS 6,000
Winning Project: GAZA D.C.
Director: Rashid Masharawi
Producer: Habib Attia

OIF Prize – EUROS 5,000
Director: Mark Lotfy
Producer: Bassem Maher

Front Row KNCC Award – USD 10,000
Winning Project: THE FLAG
Director: Firas Khoury
Producer: Hany Abu-Assad

CNC Award – Euro 10,000
Winning Project: HEATWAVE
Director: Joyce A. Nashawati
Producer: Fenia Kossovitsa

New Century Filmmaker Award – USD 10,000
Winning Project: BASTARD
Director: Uda Benyamina
Producer: Marc-Benoit Créancier

Producers Network Accreditations
1. Habib Attia (Gaza D.C.)
2. Abdullah Boushahri (How I Got There)
3. Bassem Maher (Dangerous Profiles)
4. Palmyre Badinier (Ahmed in Wonderland)
5. Silvio Saade (A Reverence for Spiders)

For further information on films at DIFF 2013, including screening schedules, please consult the festival website on

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