Mon Dec 17,2007

Dubai, December 15, 2007: The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) today announced the top firms that supported the event as its Bronze sponsors, many of whom have been with the festival since its inception.

14 firms have confirmed their support for the highly anticipated event, which runs from December 9 to 16: Al Nisr Publishing, Bateaux Dubai, BrownBook, Dessange Coiffure, Dubai Civil Aviation, Eye on Dubai Media Workshop, Fedex, Good News Group, MAC Cosmetics, Real Media-Zee Television, the Road and Transport Authority, ShowTex Middle East, Sony and Sourah Magazine.

Abdulhamid Juma, Chairman of DIFF, said, “It is truly visionary for companies to realize that culture is a valuable investment and a gift to the future of our community. DIFF will live up to that investment and retain our focus on delivering the best of the world to Dubai, and the best of Dubai to the world. We extend a warm thanks to these organizations for their support of DIFF.”

Although Gulf News, the flagship publication of Al Nisr Publishing LLC, has been associated with DIFF since its inception, this is the first year that the parent company also is a sponsor. Duleep George, Marketing & Sales Director, AL Nisr Publishing LLC said, \“Al Nisr Publishing LLC is very much dedicated to bringing the best in entertainment to its readers, through its various publications, which dovetails with DIFF’s mission to bring the best cinema to Dubai and to stimulate an active and healthy culture and arts community.”

Bateaux Dubai is a third-year DIFF sponsor. Mr. David Thomson, the company’s General Manager, said: “Our vessel is the perfect setting to showcase Dubai’s unique assets. The Creek is an ancient meeting place, contained new and old, traditional and modern. DIFF is a new meeting place, bringing together people from all corners of the world. We are looking forward to hosting DIFF events in the heart of one of the most dynamic cities many festival guests will ever have visited.”

BrownBook magazine features the best of Dubai’s contemporary culture, according to the magazine’s Rashid Shabib, editors and chief. He said: “DIFF brings some of the most exciting international cinema to the Emirates, and we are looking forward to including it in our pages. In our efforts to connect artists in Dubai with those in the region, we are pleased to find a partner with such incredible scope and reach as DIFF.”

Dessange Paris Coiffure, official hairstylist of the Cannes Film Festival, welcomed the association with DIFF. “We have a holistic approach to beauty, and we are very broad in applying that approach,” said the Dessange Paris’ General Manager Rohit Murgai. “We prefer to partner with organizations that couple visionary goals and attention to detail in the way that DIFF does. DIFF has been able to grow into one of the most glamourous events in the Middle East in the last four years. They have proved that there are no limits to creativity, which fits with our global viewpoint extremely well.”

Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, said: “We are proud to be associated with the Dubai International Film Festival, which is spearheading Dubai’s transformation into a global entertainment hub. Our support to DIFF is in line with vision of HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) and Chairman of Dubai Airports – who is also the Honorary Chairman of the Film Festival.”

“The Festival has been extremely successful in capturing the attention of the world and has gained global recognition in just four years of its existence. We see DIFF as a strategic partner in continuing to take the message of Dubai’s excellence around the world, and stand up to its motto of bridging cultures and meeting minds,” he added.

Eye on Dubai, the in-hotel tourist information television channel of the emirate, is also a third-year sponsor. Saeed Al-Naji, the company’s Managing Director, spoke about its involvement: “we have always believed that Dubai is a world-class city with lots to offer international visitors and residents alike. DIFF continues to prove that belief year on year, demonstrating that events and gatherings held in this city are world-standard and worthy of travelling from points far and wide. We hope that DIFF visitors will stay to see what the rest of the Emirate can offer.”

International shipping giant Fedex has also pledged its support to the festival for the second year; Mr. Hamdi Osman, the company’s Senior Vice President MEIA, stated, “We know the kind of hard work that is involved in creating international reach, and are pleased to share our expertise with DIFF, to assist in making the festival as far-reaching and far-sighted as possible. We congratulate DIFF on its tremendous growth, and look forward to increasingly more impressive editions in the coming years.”

The Good News Group publishes the Middle East’s only Arabic film magazine. Alaa Karkouti spoke on the company’s support of the festival, saying: “DIFF is contributing to the development of cinema in the Middle East as a whole, and to the promotion of an Arab star system as well. We will have more to fill our pages thanks to the festival, and we are sure that DIFF will continue to provide interesting content for years to come.”

MAC Cosmetics has been a DIFF sponsor for three years running, and this year will offer special courses in makeup for period films. Vimi Joshi, Senior Artist for MAC Middle East and India, said, “The Middle East’s unique cinematic vision is coming to light, thanks to DIFF’s efforts, and we are both proud to stand by DIFF and looking on with interest to see what develops further. We have always celebrated glamour, creativity and excitement, and that is what DIFF brings to the Arab world, increasingly each year.”

Real Media – Zee Network, the largest producer and aggregator of programming in the world, has been a DIFF supporter since the festival’s beginning. Real Media - Zee Network covers the entire media spectrum including television programming; satellite broadcasting; cable distribution; production and distribution of films; music publishing; theme parks; entertainment zones; multiplexes; long distance education and the creation of animation software. The network today has an estimated reach of over 500 million viewers in over 120 countries including all major markets such as Asia-Pacific, Middle East, United Kingdom, United States of America, Africa, Caribbean Islands, Australia and Canada.

According to Manoj A Mathew, the company’s Vice President – Marketing & Corporate Communications, “we are proud of DIFF, the hometown event that has become a host for the world. The festival is like Dubai itself: it is young but ambitious, striving to make its mark and learning fast. We are happy to be able to support DIFF and add to its success in whatever way we can.”

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is a second-year sponsor. Ammar Bin Tamim, Director for the Dubai Taxi, stated that “DIFF and the RTA are partners in Dubai’s rapid growth, with the same goals of providing excellent offerings to end users. We at RTA are immensely proud of the festival’s rapid growth and the high quality for which it has always aimed, and we are sure that the fourth run of the festival will be one to remember.”


“We are proud to be part of this unique festival as the event industries special textile and cinema screen supplier, and we are pleased to partner with an organization that supports culture, raises standards for events across the region, and introduces new ideas in entertainment,” said Sven Peeters Managing Director of ShowTex Middle East. “DIFF’s growth is a beacon for other cultural industries to think global while organizing events in the Gulf, and we look forward to another successful edition.”

Takashi Miura of Sony Professional Solutions M.E., a third-year sponsor, commented: “Sony is involved in the entertainment industry at many levels, and we see DIFF as an essential stimulant for the entertainment industry in Dubai and the region as a whole. Therefore Sony Professional Solutions M.E. will continue to support the Middle East production industry through such events to produce more indigenous films and programs. In this way, the region’s content creation industry can develop and compete on the world stage.”

Soura Editor in Chief Ahmed Abu Naja stated: “Soura Magazine is the UAE’s premier photographic magazine, with a vision to inspire, educate and instruct those interested in expressive means of communication. We support DIFF’s efforts to promote cinema in the region, since we believe that photography and cinematography are linked in substance as well as aim: to transport the onlooker to a different scene, and introduce different ways of seeing.”


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