Albert Brooks presents world premiere of culture bridging comedy in Dubai

Fri Dec 16,2005

Dubai, December 16, 2005: Albert Brooks presented the world premiere of his film ‘Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World’ to a packed cinema audience that reflected the cultural diversity of Dubai. “When I decided to premiere the movie in Dubai, I was greeted with disbelief in Hollywood. They asked whether I was nuts, whether it was safe to go to the Arab world and whether the movie would attract brickbats. They wanted to know if I was scared. I am happy to let them know that I am in Dubai, I’m not nuts and I am not scared. As far as the movie goes, it is the audience who will decide whether it deserves praise or flak. I am just trying to get people from different cultures and religions to sit together and laugh,” said Albert, the writer and director of the movie.

Screened as part of the 2nd Dubai International Film Festival’s flagship, ‘Operation Cultural Bridge’ section, ‘Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World’ deals with the undertones of post 9/11 issues that are now part of everyday living. The section responds to the significant increase in misunderstanding between the Muslim and western worlds and is actively supported by the Dubai and United Arab Emirates leadership.

“I am impressed by Dubai’s effort to bridge cultures. A bridge has two sides. As you have an opportunity to view our movies, the west should also be exposed to Arab cinema. I hope to seen hundreds of your films make it to the west in the coming years,” said the film maker who is in Comedy Central’s list of top 100 stand-up comedians of all time.

Besides Brooks, who plays an out of work comedian, the movie stars Sheetal Sheth (Pocketful of Dreams, Wings of Hope), Jon Tenney (You Can Count on Me, Nixon), John Carroll Lynch (Pushing Tin, Face/Off) and Amy Ryan (Keane, The War of the Worlds). Brooks signed off with, “For those of you in the audience who do not know me, I am very big in America.” Warner Independent Pictures will release ‘Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World’ in the US, Arclight Films is handling international sales.

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