Mon Jul 09,2012

Dubai, UAE July 9th, 2012: This week saw the soft launch of the highly anticipated and groundbreaking crowdfunding website AFLAMNAH. Taking the Middle East and North Africa in a storm of creativity, this first of its kind initiative, is attracting would-be entrepreneurs, artists and creators with an impressive array of creative projects and inspirational ideas that are guaranteed to get the ‘crowd’ talking.
With the common goal of developing and encouraging talent in the region AFLAMNAH is supported by Dubai International Film Festival and Gulf Film Festival. Shivani Pandya, Managing Director of the Dubai International Film Festival: “The vision of AFLAMNAH has perfect synergy with our aim to create a platform in which creative talent from the region can showcase their work to educate, inspire and entertain audiences from around the world. We are very proud to support AFLAMNAH and further encourage a brand new wave of emerging filmmakers.
AFLAMNAH has been set up to encourage talented and creative people from anywhere in the world with a project or idea related to the Arab world that they believe with the assistance of crowdfunding could turn their BIG dream into reality. The concept is simple: pitch your idea – be it film, fashion, art, literature, music, video gaming, or technology – explain how much money you need, what you’ll do with the money, and then tap into a ‘crowd’ of like minded trendsetters willing to pledge money whether it be a small or large sum in exchange for a reward and for being part of something unique.
Crowdfunding works for a myriad of ideas and AFLAMNAH has been inundated with an array of ingenious projects since the site launched a week ago. Within the film section, supporters can select from six projects including award-winning director Annemarie Jacir’s feature When I Saw You, first time director, Dima Hamdan’s award-winning crime thriller script The Kidnap, Vancouver-based Amar Chebib’s WAJD: Music, Politics and Ecstacy produced by Dima Alansari’s Salam Films and Hind Shoufani’s arthouse documentary Journey in Migration which is in post production.
Crowdfunding has already been a huge success in Europe and the US with an estimated $2.8 billion expected to be raised in 2012 globally across 450+ crowdfunding sites. The potential for crowdfunding in the Middle East promises to be revolutionary, there has never been such a spotlight on Arab talent and the region. Finding funding for creative projects is a challenge, but the global phenomenon that is crowdfunding may be about to change that forever.
Vida Rizq, Principal Founder of AFLAMNAH: “Since our launch a week ago we have been overwhelmed at the interest in AFLAMNAH and the reaction to the projects and contributions that have come from all over the world including the UAE and the region and further afield from as far as the US, Canada, Malaysia, and Europe. We are extremely excited at the thrilling talent approaching us with a raft of fantastic ideas. AFLAMNAH gives them a way to raise money by tapping into a crowd of like minded people who want to be part of something unique.”
At its celebratory launch event yesterday in Dubai, AFLAMNAH also announced an advisory committee that it has established to support in the development and growth of the business. The committee includes, amongst others, Dubai International Film Festival’s Artisic Director, Mr. Masoud Amralla Al Ali, Chief Legal Officer at twofour54, Mr. Greg Sweeting, Chairman of Virtuzone, Mr. Neil Petch, ChannelSculptor Managing Director, Mr. Nick Grande and Vice President Core and VAS Technology at du, Mr. Samer Geissah.

Aflamnah has been set up in partnership with Virtuzone, Fujairah’s Creative City Free Zone in the UAE.
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