Who will receive the Best Film and Special Jury Prizes in the Muhr Awards?

The Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) will award the Best Film prize and Special Jury prize in the short, documentary and feature films category to the producers of the winning films. 

Will the production company be awarded the prize?

No. The prize will be awarded to the producer and not the production company(ies) that financed the film.

Are there are any new prizes in the Muhr Awards?

Yes. The newly introduced prizes include the Best Director prize in all the Muhr Awards’ categories in addition to the Best Actor and Best Actress prize in the feature films category. 

Why has DIFF introduced the change to award the Best Film and Special Jury prizes to producers and not production companies or directors?

While directors play an undeniable part in presenting films of a high standard, DIFF also appreciates the part played by producers who take responsibility for making these films successful, in addition to providing directors with the tools needed to present their visions to their respective audiences. This is the norm followed by several international industries and festivals. To recognise the director’s contribution, DIFF has introduced a Best Director prize in the short, documentary and feature film categories - effective this year. 

In recognising the producer’s role, DIFF is pioneering a new path within the Arab world, and strives to establish a solid cinema industry, in which each team member plays the assigned role. 

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