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    Programme Celebration of Indian Cinema
    Genre Fiction
    Directed by Shaji N. Karun _____ Shaji N. Karun (born 1952, India) made his directorial debut with the acclaimed film PIRAVI (1988, Charlie Chaplin Award at Edinburgh, Special Mention at Cannes). Two of his next films were also selected for Cannes (a rare honour for any film-maker), including SWAHAM (1994) and VANAPRASTHAM (1999, Best Film at National Film Festival of India). Karun’s KUTTY SRANK screened at DIFF 2009.

    The rhythm of life, even for a master drummer, can be disrupted as well as harmonised by love, passion, jealousy, hate and spite. Unni, a masterful ch...

    Programme Arabian Nights
    Genre Documentary
    Directed by Nasredine Ben Maati _____ Nasredine Ben Maati has worked as a cameraman and assistant director on films that have taken part in the International Amateur Film Festival of Kelibia. His short film LE VIRAGE was selected for the Cannes Short Film Corner and by the French Cooperation Institute.

    Through the testimonies of five bloggers, jailed a few days before the 14 January Tunisian revolution, A DOOMED GENERATION provides an account of the ...

    Programme Cinema of the World
    Genre Thriller
    Directed by Ivan Sen _____ Ivan Sen is one of Australia’s leading indigenous film-makers. He worked on several shorts before making his feature debut with BENEATH CLOUDS in 2002 (Premiere First Movie Award, Berlin Film Festival and Best Director Award from Australian Film Institute). His other films include DREAMLAND (2008) and TOOMELAH (2011, Grand Prix Pacific Meridian for Best Film at Vladivostok Film Festival and the UNESCO Prize at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards ). Sen received the Byron Kennedy Award in 2012.

    Indigenous cowboy detective Jay Swan returns to his hometown to solve the murder of a teenage girl, whose body is found under the highway trucking rou...

    Programme Cinema of Asia Africa
    Genre Biography, Drama and Historical
    Directed by Justin Chadwick _____ Justin Chadwick is an award-winning British film-maker whose films include THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL (2008) and the critically-acclaimed THE FIRST GRADER (2010), starring Naomie Harris. He was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for his TV mini-series Bleak House, which was also nominated for two Golden Globes and was the Best Drama Serial winner in the British Academy Television Awards. Chadwick started his career in the entertainment industry as a child actor, making his screen debut in Hanif Kureishi’s LONDON KILLS ME (1991).

    MANDELA: LONG WALK TO FREEDOM is a celebration of Nelson Mandela’s extraordinary journey from his childhood in a rural village through to his election...

    Programme Muhr Asia Africa Short
    Genre Drama and Family
    Directed by Askhat Kuchinchirekov _____ Kazakhstani director Askhat Kuchinchirekov has previously acted in Sergei Dvortsevoy’s film TULPAN (2008). GAS IS OVER is his debut film.

    In GAS IS OVER, a boy’s dreams revolve around one particular lake. His dreams seem as if they are about to come true when he sets off for the lake wit...

    Programme Cinema of the World
    Genre Adventure and Drama
    Directed by Alexander Payne _____ Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Alexander Payne earned his MFA in film at UCLA. His acclaimed films include: CITIZEN RUTH (1996); ELECTION (1999, Best Screenplay awards from the Writers' Guild of America and the New York Film Critics Circle and Oscar nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay) and SIDEWAYS (2004, Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay). Payne's THE DESCENDANTS screened at DIFF 2011.

    From Oscar-winning director Alexander Payne, NEBRASKA is a dramedy that has been shot in black and white, across four American states. The film, which...

    Programme Muhr Arab Short
    Genre Drama
    Directed by Bavi Yassin _____ Bavi Yassin has directed shorts and documentaries including SILENT RED and BEHIND THE MOUNTAINS, which won a special mention at the Rio+20 UNESCO film festival. She is now working on her first feature-length documentary ILLUSION.<br /> Attending the Dubai Film Market with a project in the Dubai Film Connection co-production market 9th, 10th, 11th December.

    Salma, a famous Iraqi singer, is forced to leave her native country and ends up in an asylum centre in Belgium. The reality of her situation hits her ...

    Programme Muhr Arab Short
    Genre Drama, Science Fiction and Experimental
    Directed by Youssef Alimam _____ Youssef Alimam is an independent film-maker, musician, actor and model. He graduated from the High Institute of Cinema in Cairo and has a background in sound engineering from his time at Recording Arts Canada (RAC), Montreal.

    A psychiatrist loses his wife and daughter in a tragic incident and plunges into depression. He then meets a patient, who claims to be a time travelle...

    Programme Muhr Emirati
    Genre Fantasy, Experimental and Video Art
    Directed by Muna Al Ali _____ Muna Al Ali is an artist and writer, whose films include REWIND (2010) and DURBEEN (Special Jury Prize at DIFF 2012). Al Ali’s first book is Mirror.

    Forces beyond our control affect all of us; the severity of the impact determines how we deal with our troubles. CONCEALMENT looks at how one boy stru...

    Programme Muhr Asia Africa Documentary
    Genre Documentary, Musical and Social
    Directed by Surabhi Sharma _____ Surabhi Sharma has been making documentaries since 2000 with a key focus on documenting cities in transition through the lens of labour, music and migration, and most recently reproductive labour. Cinéma vérité and ethnography are the genres that influence her film-making. Her films have been screened and awarded at international film festivals..

    In the Bhojpuri language, ‘bidesia’ is the one who leaves home. One in four migrants in Mumbai is Bhojpuri, and they call India’s financial capital, ‘...

    Programme Cinema of Asia Africa
    Genre Action, Crime, Drama and Historical
    Directed by Lee Sang-Il _____ Lee Sang-Il (born 1974) is a film director and screenplay writer, whose directorial debut CHONG (2000) won the Grand Prix Prize at the Pia Film Festival in Japan. His filmography includes HULA GIRLS (2006, Best Film at the Japan Academy Awards) and VILLAIN (2010, Best Actress at the Montreal International Film Festival).

    UNFORGIVEN is a stunning Japanese remake of Clint Eastwood's masterpiece. The year is 1880 and the Tokugawa shogunate has just collapsed in Ezo (now H...

    Programme Gulf Voices
    Genre Drama and Horror
    Directed by Nayla Al Khaja _____ Nayla Al Khaja was named Best Emirati Filmmaker at DIFF 2007 and Emirates Woman of the Year in 2005. Her films include: UNVEILING DUBAI (2004), ARABANA (2006), ONCE (2009) and MALAL (2010, Muhr Emirati First Prize at DIFF).

    Khalid is an average nine-year-old boy, who enjoys role playing games with his younger sister, Reem. However as his birthday approaches, Khalid becom...

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