Arabian Nights
France, Lebanon / 2005 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 88 minutes
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In present-day Beirut, Malek, 25, lives with his mother, Claudia. They are bonded by grief at the disappearance of the head of the family 15 years ago, during the war in Lebanon. An only child, Malek is stifled by his over-protective mother, who has encouraged him to believe that his father could return. Claudia cannot accept that this event is virtually impossible. Malek refuses to acknowledge that his girlfriend has left him, and continues to pursue her. He has also begun to suffer from narcolepsy, and falls asleep at odd moments. The two of them stagnate in morose routine, as if happiness was no longer an option. Shot in Beirut, <I>A Perfect Day </I>draws a parallel between the wounded spirits of Beirut's occupants, and the lasting physical damage done to this still vibrant capital by 15 years of war.


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