Muhr Arab Documentary
Lebanon, United Arab Emirates / 2011 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour and Black & White / DCP / 70 minutes


In “Yamo”, the protagonist lives with his mother Nawal, sister Rima and brother Rayan, in a house that resembles the country they live in, Lebanon. They communicate through silences, unspoken words, furious clashes and repeated negotiations. Nawal is aloof and rarely talks about her past, although it is apparent there is a lot to say. Through dreams and memories, Nawal’s past is reconstructed. A past in her native village Béjjé, where her father denounced her after she married a Muslim. Nawal reveals her past, a childhood as a Christian, a youth as a Communist, the wife of Mustapha, who abandoned his family. This is Nawal's journey…


Biography, Family, War

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Parental Guidance (PG)

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