Cinema of the World
Germany / 2010 / German, Turkish dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 119 minutes


Set in the large Turkish community of Berlin, we meet Umay, a young wife who has finally fled an abusive husband in Turkey for sanctuary with her family in Germany. She has brought her five-year old son Cem. Her family is scandalised that she has left her marriage and beg her to reconsider, fearful of the negative stigma she will bring upon all of them. It's not long before she has exhausted herself arguing with her relations and she is on the move again, staying in a shelter and with friends and desperately trying to deal with her family's increasingly hostile and aggressive behaviour towards her. With emotions running high, the situation soon spirals into a nightmarish scenario, surging to an emotionally-charged and breathtaking conclusion. Powerful, yet understated, Sibel Kekilli's astonishing performance as the beleaguered Umay is one of the stand-out turns of the year. A harrowing tale yet 'When We Leave' is inspirational in Umay's iron-clad determination to save herself and her son.



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Adult Themes and References 15+

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