Operation Cultural Bridge
United Arab Emirates / 2004 / English dialogue with Arabic subtitles / Colour / DV / 43 minutes
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<I>Unveiling Dubai </I>is a documentary about life in Dubai as seen through the eyes of a first-time western visitor, German filmmaker Nicolas Doldinger. Like many westerners who have only read about 'the Middle East ' in the newspaper, he expects to find little more that camels, oil wells, sand and strife, but finds that his perceptions are pleasantly inaccurate. The film is strongly informed by Nayla Al Khaja's passionate love for Dubai. The fast-rising UAE director takes obvious pride in unveiling the city to her guest and sharing its many delights with him. Although <I>Unveiling Dubai </I>could have easily fitted into the Arabian Nights section of our festival, we chose to feature it in our 'Operation Cultural Bridge' program because it demonstrates how cultural prejudices can vanish by the simple act of visiting another country and experiencing another culture. This travelogue is about two friends and two cultures coming together in Dubai and we are very proud to feature it.


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