Celebration of Indian Cinema
India / 2012 / Bengali dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 100 minutes


SOUND coincides with the event in a rather unexpected way: through a Bengali Foley artist, whose life is upside-down. His profession, which forces - and seduces - him to imitate sounds during the post-production of films, has led him to connect with the world on the acoustic string - mainly, only. He hears differently from "normal" people, which estranges him not only from his wife, but also from society. Whereas this leads to dramatic events and a desire to treat him to get back to "normal"; in the end, those close to him, discover a peculiar strength in this obsession. One may look at this film as a declaration of love for all those working in film, and their desire to maintain it, despite a rapidly changing world around them.



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