Muhr Awards Competition
Palestine, Tunisia / / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour and Black & White / DigiBeta / 84 minutes

Winner of Muhr Arab / Documentary /Bronze: Nasri Hajjaj (Director)

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This film attempts to explore the anxiety that Palestinians are experiencing, especially those who have been uprooted from their land and have lived as exiles. This anxiety is about the site of burial, which lies at the heart of the legitimate longing for homecoming. The sense of death becomes the sense of belonging to a place. How can filming and montage express the duality of life and death, homeland and exile in the identity of the Palestinians? The film tells the stories of Palestinians in their relation with the Place to live and the Place to die. Shot in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, France, the UK, Bulgaria, USA and Vietnam, it talks about well-known figures in culture and politics, like Yasir Arafat and Edward Saïd. It also talks about ordinary Palestinians who were subjected to massacres throughout the history of the Palestinian struggle, from 1948 until the present.



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