Arabian Nights
Tunisia, France / 2002 / Arabic, French dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 88 minutes
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A surprise hit at last year's Venice Film Festival, Ridha Behi's thoughtful film tells the story of Raouf, a Tunisian screenwriter looking back on his childhood. The young Raouf's uncle was a travelling film salesman, Journeying from village in a bright red truck, with everything from latest Hollywood blockbuster to local film. After sundown, the film would be projected against the town's largest wall. Despite the threat of punishment from his devout father, Raouf's love of film took root. Now a screenwriter in his 40s, Raouf is asked by a TV station to compose his own Cinema Paradiso, recounting his youthful passion for movies. His journey back home evokes conflicted feelings and memories both sweet and sour.


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