Cinema of the World
Argentina, France, Germany / 2008 / Spanish dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 91 minutes
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Learning to read, write and spell is just part of six-year old Inti's effort to try and comprehend the apparently senseless world of the adults around him. From his neurotic mother, recently released from prison to the mysterious Dick Winter (John Cale), in whose house he and his mother temporarily end up, life continues to uncoil inexplicably in front of him, taking ever more bizarre and disconcerting twists. In his masterful feature debut, Argentinian director Pablo Aguero creates a surreal world of mystery and imagination. The home of Dick Winter is a treasure trove of wonder, while the remote cabin to which his mother Alba subsequently moves, brings the mysteries of nature to Inti's world view. Whimsical yet strangely visceral, 'Salamandra' is a compelling and atmospheric experience, but one that leaves Inti exhausted and damaged.


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