Cinema for Children
Norway / 2012 / English dialogue with Arabic subtitles / Colour / DCP / 77 minutes


A long time ago, the King's only daughter, Gulltopp, disappeared when she went into the woods to find the Christmas star. The Queen died of grief and the King cursed the Christmas star causing a cold darkness to fall over his kingdom. Legend has it that if the King can make the Christmas star shine again before 10 Christmas evenings have gone by – Gulltopp will return. It has now been nine years and this Christmas is the King's last hope to find the Christmas star. Just before Christmas, 12-year-old Sonja is brought to the small kingdom by some thieves, who have captured her. Sonja manages to escape the thieves and enters the King's palace. She hears the sad story of the King before she is discovered and taken prisoner by the guards. The King believes Sonja when she says that she is not a thief and orders her release. In order to thank the King, Sonja sets out on an epic journey searching for the long lost Christmas star. Based on a play by Sverre Brandt,


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