Cinema of AsiaAfrica
Taiwan R.O.C., France, Philippines, Japan / 2009 / Filipino, Mandarin dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 85 minutes


Overseas workers Manuel and Dado have left their idyllic seaside village in the Philippines to come to Taipei, lured by the promises of money and a better life. On a Sunday morning after attending church, they unexpectedly discover a brand new leather sofa, discarded on the sidewalk. They decide to bring it back to their ragged dormitory in the outskirts of Taipei. However, unable to afford any type of delivery service, they start to carry the precious sofa across town on foot. Along this improbable and absurd journey, we learn much about this comical, poignant pair, far from home and struggling in their new lives, away from family and friends. The sofa assumes almost totemic proportions, a burden held aloft by their friendship and their determination to succeed, despite seemingly endless obstacles. A sweet, tender and comic film that foregrounds the deep friendship of the two men to perfect effect.


Drama, Comedy

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Adult Themes and References 12+

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