Muhr Arab Feature
Morocco / 2010 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 104 minutes

Winner of Muhr Arab / Feature /Best Cinematographer: Xavier Castro (Cinematographer)


Rihana is a young girl in her twenties, born and raised in the countryside. Following a traumatic experience, Rihana finds herself in a psychiatric hospital. She is convinced that she was raped and impregnated by a young man from her village called Zayd. Rihana also believes her pregnancy was blessed by the 'Lord of the Horse,' a spirit who figures prominently in the superstitious fairytales told by her father. Zineb, the psychiatrist handling Rihana's case, is tasked with unravelling the mystery behind Rihana's behaviour. Her job is complicated by Rihana's uncooperative attitude - she cannot conclude whether the young girl is lying or if she is consumed by the imaginary world in which she has taken refuge. In her quest to discover more facts about Rihana, Zineb finds herself embroiled in a situation that soon spirals out of control.



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Nudity, Adult Themes and References 18+

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