Cinema of the World
U.S.A. / 2009 / English dialogue with Arabic subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 120 minutes
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A rich, decadent and thoroughly delicious adaptation of the energetic stage play. Having reached the age of forty, director Guido Contini (Daniel Day Lewis) is facing a midlife crisis that is stifling his creativity and leading him into a variety of complicated romantic involvements. As he struggles to complete his latest film, he is forced to balance some of the numerous formative women in his life, including his wife (Marion Cotillard), mistress (Penelope Cruz), his film star muse (Nicole Kidman), his confidante (Judi Dench), a fashion journalist (Kate Hudson), a temptress from his youth (Stacy Ferguson) and finally - his mother (Sophia Loren).


Musical Comedy

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