Lifetime Achievement Award
Egypt / 1961 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / Black & White / DigiBeta / 111 minutes


A typically-vivacious and dynamic performance from Sabah anchors this comedic, yet melodramatic love story of a woman torn between husbands in this classic from 1961. Leila (Sabah) is married to a hopeless loser, Ahmad (Omar Hariri). It's a volatile, tempestuous relationship not helped by Ahmad's continuous infidelity. After one particularly humiliating transgression at Leila's birthday party, the couple divorce - for the third time. But as usual, the pair soon want to reconcile. Legally however, given it's their third divorce, they cannot re-marry again - unless one of them marries someone else in the interim. Step up Hassan, Leila's next-door neighbour and a long-term admirer of hers. He eagerly agrees to marry Leila, but once wed, is determined not to let her go. Leila finds herself in a tricky situation...


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