Arabian Nights
Palestine / 2008 / Arabic, English, Hebrew dialogue with English, Arabic subtitles / Colour / 35 mm / 95 minutes
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Set in Ramallah, this decade, free-spirited dancer Kamar finds herself alone when her husband is jailed. As well as dealing with the grief of separation and the ongoing effects of the repressive occupation, Kamar has to face the moral strictures of her community. Seeking to regain her life-long love of dance, she meets Kais, a Palestinian returnee, with whom she begins an elliptical relationship, founded in their mutual love of dance and fuelled by the emotional strength it creates within them both. Najwa Najjar's powerful story of love and freedom under repression and control, fairly sings with verve and vigour, in its sensuality and spirit. 'Making a feature film in Palestine is a gamble,' admits director Najwa Najjar, for whom the production of 'Pomegranates And Myrrh' required months of fraught shooting in and around politically-sensitive locations in occupied Palestinian territories.


Drama, Romance

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